Top 2023 Online Casinos That Accept Deposits and Withdrawals Via OKTO.CASH

Learn about OKTO.CASH payment method and how to use it to deposit and withdraw from your casino cashier and discover the top online casinos that accept it. OKTO.CASH is a modern fintech company that offers a variety of cashless and cash payment solutions for iGaming customers in Europe and beyond.

As promoted on the OKTO.CASH’s official website, this relatively new payment option allows online casino gamers, as well as other customers, to load their online accounts with funds in real-time. Essentially, with OKTO.CASH, customers load their online accounts at a number of online casinos, online shops, and merchants in a secure and safe way by depositing cash at one of many OKTO.CASH retail locations. This is one of the most direct deposit options with funds reaching online casino players’ accounts instantaneously.

The service is owned and operated by the OKTO company which is based in Athens, Greece at 12 Napoleons Street. Aside from working in the iGaming industry, OKTO also aims to digitalize cash in the entertainment and leisure industries. As of today, OKTO.CASH is accessible to online casino players residing in the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Germany, and Cyprus. The company aims to expand its line of business across other European countries in the near future.

The company is responsible for OKTO.CASH has been around since 2003, so the team working behind the scene most certainly understand what its potential customers are looking for in payment providers. Aside from speed transactions, customers appreciate payment services that process deposits without commission fees and this is how OKTO.CASH operates. Requesting withdrawals via OKTO.CASH incurs smaller commission fees.

When it comes to the popularity of OKTO.CASH among online casino players, European casino players find OKTO.CASH is very easy to use. As of today, OKTO.CASH is listed among other payment options at many online and mobile gambling sites. The full list of the company’s iGaming partners can be found on the site. Some of these include Kaizen operating in Greece, Cyprus, and Romania.


How to make a deposit using OKTO.CASH

The process of depositing your online casino account with OKTO.CASH goes as explained in detail below:

Find your OKTO.CASH online casino

In order to fund your account using this payment option, you first need to find an online casino that allows OKTO.CASH deposits. Once done, register at the casino and head to your cashier. From the list of available options, click on OKTO.CASH logo.

Enter the amount you want to deposit

Once you have selected OKTO.CASH as your preferred deposit option a new window pops up. In the designated box you need to specify the amount you want to deposit. Maximum and minimum deposit limitations depend on your chosen online casino.

Head to the nearest OKTO.CASH store

Once you have specified the number of funds you want to deposit, you receive a unique QR paycode. With your paycode, head to the nearest OKTO.CASH retail location. To find the nearest store, you can use the service’s Store Locator option. Once you show your unique paycode to the salesperson, your funds reach your online casino account in a matter of seconds.

How to withdraw using OKTO.CASH

If you want to make a withdrawal from an online casino using OKTO.CASH, follow the steps explained below.

Choose your OKTO.CASH withdrawal option

With OKTO.CASH, you have several withdrawal options. You can withdraw your OKTO.CASH funds via wire transfer, credit/debit card, or head to the nearest OKTO.CASH store and get your funds in cash.

Withdraw via wire transfer

If you choose to withdraw your funds via wire transfer, head to your OKTO.CASH wallet, and click on the withdrawal button. Click on the wire transfer. Add your banking info, alongside other required information, and specify the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawals via bank are usually processed within three business days and commission fees may apply.

Withdraw cash

You can also withdraw your OKTO.CASH funds in cash. To withdraw your funds this way, make sure there is an OKTO.CASH retail shop in your area which supports cash-out options. Using the same unique QR paycode you got during the process of depositing you can request a withdrawal of your winnings in cash.

Withdraw via credit/debit card

To withdraw your OKTO.CASH funds from your OKTO.CASH e-wallet to your credit/debit card, log into your OKTO.CASH account and click on the Money Out button. Choose the Cards option and specify the amount you want to withdraw.

Safety and security

One thing you do not have to worry about when using OKTO.CASH is the safety of your funds. As explained in the previous sections, to make a deposit or withdrawal using this service, you need to use your unique QR paycode and this paycode is only known to you.

This system enables not only hassle-free but also one hundred percent safe and secure transactions at all times. In addition, the entire system is backed up by advanced security technologies, including SSL encryption which makes it impossible for anyone to get access to your banking info and your funds.


Yes, deposits made OKTO.CASH is always safe and secure considering the service’s QR system in place.
Yes, OKTO.CASH is a very simple payment option with just several steps needed to complete real-time deposits or request withdrawals of your funds from your OKTO.CASH e-wallet.
Some European casinos operating in Romania have started accepting OKTO.CASH payments, while in the future we expect to see more casinos embracing this payment option.
OKTO.CASH deposits are processed for free, while OKTO.CASH withdrawals incur smaller commission fees as listed on the official site.
To withdraw funds from OKTO.CASH e-wallet, you can do so via wire transfer, credit/debit card, or in person. All withdrawal steps are detailed in the previous sections.
As of today, OKTO.CASH operates in Cyprus, Romania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Greece.
Thanks to the service’s advanced security and privacy system, your OKTO.CASH transactions are anonymous and cannot be traced by outsiders.
Yes, the service has done everything right when it comes to protecting its customer’s privacy as detailed in its Privacy Policy.
No, the service supports three fiat currencies, including Euro, British pound sterling, and Romanian lev.

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