Top Online Casinos accepting SimplePay 2023

Established back in 2015, SimplePay is one of the biggest providers of credit/debit card payment services in Hungary and many Europe-focused online casinos let you use this renowned payment service to make deposits and withdrawals.

Since 2015, SimplePay clients have had access to online bank card payment options and another payment service through the advanced SimplePay system. At the time of writing this, customers can rely on SimplePay online bank card payment services at almost 17,000 online shops and merchants. In addition to a variety of bank card payment services, the company also offers instant payment options via SimpleBusiness and Simple payment platforms. 

The Mastercard - Digital Banking Service of the Year award was given to the Instant Transfer service back in 2020, and this alone speaks greatly of SimplePay's reputation. Within the SimplePay platform, customers have three different payment options at their disposal. More specifically, customers can make instant payments via deep links and QR codes also known as mobile redirection. With the most basic SimplePay account, customers have access to most SimplePay services and products. 

At the time of writing this, there are over 1.8 million registered SimplePay users and many of these use the SimplePay app to deal with online transactions. With the app, users can also make BKK and Volan ticket purchases, pay for parking, buy tickets for cinema and theater, make QR check payments, and more. With the app, users can also fund their online casino accounts and request withdrawals of their online casino funds.

Registered SimplePay users can also quickly and complete payment transactions started through the SimpleBusiness, Simple, or SimplePay platforms. Once customers store their private login info, they do not need to enter the info to confirm subsequent transactions. To make SimplePay transactions, you need a smartphone and an active internet connection. 

SimplePay was launched by OTP Mobil and the company is renowned for offering innovative, safe, and fast payment services and products. OTP Mobil has been around since 2013 and the company is entirely funded by OTP Bank. Simple, SimplePay, and SimpleBusiness combined have over 2.7 registered customers. Registering for the service is free. When it comes to using SimplePay at online casinos, all transactions carry smaller commission fees. At the same time, registering to use the service is free. The company also does not charge monthly fees. Commission fees depend on the amount you want to transfer and the type of merchant. 

How to Make a Deposit Using SimplePay?

SimplePay offers the opportunity to make hassle-free deposits at a variety of reputable online casinos and the process of making SimplePay deposits is discussed down below.

Register to Use SimplePay

First, you need to register at the official SimplePay website to be able to use the service. Once you have registered, you need to get the SimplePay app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and it is free to download.

Link Your Credit/Debit Card

Once you have downloaded and installed the SimplePay app, proceed to link your credit/debit card. Also, save your card details, so you do not have to enter them every time you want to make a new transaction.

Find a SimplePay Online Casino

Now, you look for a SimplePay online casino. We have a list of all the most reputable SimplePay online casinos if you are not sure which casino site to join.

Register for an Account at Your Chosen Casino

Once you have found a reputable online casino that accepts SimplePay, proceed to register for an account. Include all the required personal info and verify your identity. You will be also asked to verify your account via SMS or email.

Enter the Casino’s Cashier Page

To make a deposit, visit the casino’s Cashier page and click on the “Deposit” tab. Click on the SimplePay logo from the list of available options.

Enter the Amount to Deposit

Once you click on the SimplePay logo, a new window will pop up and here you enter the amount you want to deposit. Scan the QR code that appears via your SimplePay app to verify your deposit request. Once done, your funds will reach your online casino account.

How to Make a Withdrawal Using SimplePay?

Now, we briefly go over the process of making SimplePay withdrawals. Follow the steps featured down below and you will have no issues with making online casino withdrawals using SimplePay.

Access the Cashier at Your Casino

Making withdrawals from the SimplePlay casino does not require any additional steps because your SimplePay account is already set up. To withdraw money, go to the Cashier page of your casino and choose SimplePay from the list of available withdrawal options.

Indicate the Withdrawal Amount

A second window will appear when you select SimplePay as your preferred withdrawal method, and here you enter the amount you want to withdraw from your online casino account.

Verify Your Withdrawal Request

Next, you need to verify your SimplePay withdrawal request and you do so by scanning the QR code using your SimplePay app. Once again, commission fees apply to every SimplePay transaction. Online casinos tend to process SimplePay withdrawals in a couple of working days, depending on the card-issuing banks and the type of account you have.

Safety and security

One of the market leaders in Hungary when it comes to online payment services and products, SimplePay offers great customer care to both its merchants and their consumers with cutting-edge services that always adhere to the highest safety and security requirements. 

To add an extra safety layer, SimplePay also offers advanced two-factor authentication tools, alongside automatic logout options. Besides these two safety measures, SimplePlay relies on other protocols and measures to make sure nobody has access to your funds and login data, including the most advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that all other reputable financial services rely on.


Yes, as was mentioned in the part before, SimplePay makes use of cutting-edge safety and security methods and protocols to make sure that all account holders can conduct transactions without difficulties or concerns, and most importantly, safely.
SimplePay is a Hungary-based online payment service launched by OTP Mobil that allows customers to make hassle-free payments via credit/debit cards.
Most online casinos catering to Hungarian customers accept SimplePay. The best casinos of this kind are featured here.
No, all SimplePay transactions carry smaller commission fees. The commission fees depend on the type of SimplePay account you have, the amount you want to transfer, and the merchant in question.
No, SimplePay is available in Hungary. If you reside outside of Hungary, chances are you do not have access to this service.
No, SimplePay is only used to make transactions in Hungarian Forint.

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