Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker

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Caribbean Draw Poker

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Caribbean Draw Poker is an action-packed, 5-card poker game. Players compete against the dealer for victory, and there is a massive progressive jackpot prize up for grabs. The game begins after you have placed an ante bet. This is the initial bet required to receive your cards. After that, you make a decision about betting against the dealer’s hand. You will make your betting decisions according to a combination of factors, including the strength of your hand and the dealer is visible card.

To win a progressive jackpot, players need to place a side bet. The payout is dependent upon the rank of your hand. Note that the progressive payouts are made on pre-draw hands only. You need to place an additional bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot in Caribbean Draw Poker.


Caribbean Draw Poker is a fast-paced game which mimics the excitement of Las Vegas style action all the way. You have the option tofold, thereby forfeiting your initial bet, or if you decide to bet against dealer you can swap 2 of your cards when you raise. After you have raised, the dealer will have an opportunity to swap out 2 cards as well.

To win, the dealer must qualify with a pair of 8s or better, and you must beat the dealer's hand. If you beat the dealer and the dealer qualifies, you will be paid the ante bet and the raise amount. The size of the actual payout depends upon the strength of your hand. In the event that the dealer beats the player’s hand, both the initial bet – the ante - and the raise are forfeited.


Caribbean Draw Poker has paid out multiple jackpots over the years. These jackpots include an impressive tally of big wins. The following wins have been recorded:

  • $36,549 in July 2014
  • $28,639 in June 2014
  • $63,948 in April 2014
  • $32,631 in January 2014

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