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DLV started out by manufacturing gambling cabinets before later moving into digital slot game development and beginning to serve online casinos. Browse the top DLV online casinos reviewed and ranked by experts.

DLV is both a developer of iGaming software and manufacturer of gambling equipment. The company can trace its roots back to 1994, when DLV set up a head office in its native Latvia. Since then, the company’s slot machines have found their way to Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

In terms of scale, DLV operates with a global reach that has called for the company to consider product certification standards and jurisdictional responsibilities for a variety of global markets. As a result, DLV depends on BMM for jurisdictional requirements, NMI for iGaming software, and TÜV for electronic machinery.

Web-based Games

DLV has developed more than 90 slots and games that are available for delivery across online casino sites. A multitude of themes have been covered, while many of the games are either trademarked or registered.

More recent games to have hit the marketplace include Tasty Slice 7, Filibuster’s Ghost, Cool Cracker, Timber Tale, Snow Luck, The Edge of Luck, Scandy Gold, Arhateos, Mighty Zoo, and Green Fog.

Gaming Cabinets

DLV is well-known for manufacturing its DIAMOND series of gaming cabinets. Led by the DIAMOND Z, the line or cabinets also includes the DIAMOND Excel, DIAMOND HD, and DIAMOND DWS.

The cabinets are used for distributing the Diamond Game Stars, which allow for multiple games to be delivered from a single machine. As such, there can be 20 slots offering 5, 10, 20, 25, or 40 paylines.

DLV gaming cabinets have also been used for the provision of jackpot games, which have featured Nectar’s Treasury, Silk Flowers, Dragon Jackpot, Lab Creatures, Jewel Jackpot, and Gauya Quest.

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