FDJ Lottery Software and Features Overview: 2023 Reviews of FDJ Gaming Igaming Sites

Online sports betting solutions. Browse the top FDJ Gaming igaming sites reviewed and ranked.

LVS is a UK-based leader is online sports betting solutions, licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which has provided betting software to some of the world's largest gaming operators such as William Hill, Bwin, Victor Chandler, Asian Logic and Offside Bet.

Its Advanced Betting Platform (ABP) operators supply customers of participating online sportsbooks with the means to bet and play in multiple languages and currencies across several products and platforms - including web betting, mobile betting, retail outlets and telebetting services.

The key to this platform is the ForceFeed cache system, which stores all current betting information in memory - allowing a huge throughput of betting and other online gambling activity. This technology allows the Advanced Betting Platform to capture and settle over 10,000 bets each minute.

In 2013 FDJ Gaming released its flagship product ABP in a Box, a new sportsbook platform targeting those online gambling operators who want to start their own betting site. The all-in-one advanced betting solution comes complete with all necessary hardware and software and is customizable to the needs of different operators.

Notably, APB in a Box is available to companies of all sizes thanks to the Pay-as-you-Grow rental scheme policy. With this policy FDJ Gaming provides what it believes is a superior and more scalable product than the hundreds of traditional sportsbook solutions that are available on the market.

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