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Operators can easily drag and drop to create unique games for their casino platform. No skill required.

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That's right, you heard correctly. You can now create your very own casino games that you've designed yourself, without any developer skills required. The platform is a user-friendly iGaming software development solution that allows operators to create games that real players will bet real money on. 

It all starts with giving a name to your new project, followed by choosing the type of game. The next step is looking at the payline templates and choosing one that works for you. You'll be able to choose your own images or search for ones to use. The software enables operators to drag and drop images, reels, and menu buttons right onto the screen, in real-time and do testing simultaneously. 

You'll layer pictures and shapes on top of one another to create the perfect backdrop for your next hit. All of the needed actions are built-in and you'll choose the ones that work for the type of game you're trying to create. 

We Are Casino Online Casinos

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