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  1. Dear Brando23, Since we haven't received your player ID or email so far, this case will be terminated. OCR Moderator
  2. Hello lemondog, We're happy to hear that your case was resolved so swiftly. Thank you for taking the time also to update the forum. OCR Moderator
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, the OnlineCasinoReports forum serves as a platform for players and operators to communicate and resolved disputes and issues. The involved sides are to reach a resolution independently. It should be clear that OnlineCasinoReports does not actively intervene in the matter discussed. However, we do follow repeated complaints on our forum and based on the general history of complains brought upon against an involved operator, OnlineCasinoReports reserves the right to act with the tools at its disposal including but not limited to: • Warning issued to the operator • Decrease of rating • Blacklisting of an operator OnlineCasinoReports has and will continue to serve as a platform where players’ voices will be heard and addressed. We thank you for bringing this matter to our knowledge and we’ll keep monitoring the discussed issue. OCR Moderator
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