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  1. eabrams

    Fortune Hill happy ending

    All is well when it ends well, is all I can say about this.
  2. eabrams

    Online or Offline Casino - this is the question

    True, unless you have direct access to land casinos in your city you'd have to travel quite a bit to find one.
  3. eabrams

    What Did You Feel On Your First Win?

    The first time I won I was completely elated and overjoyed. And soon after I lost it all so it was bit of a rollercoaster emotions day.
  4. I did not particularly like the movie, I though the writing was poor and the Martha scene was more silly than dramatic.
  5. eabrams

    Coffee - can it kill you?

    That happened because people overdosed on caffeine and died. Ingesting any substance above the prescribed quantity can be (and will probably be) harmful to one's health. If you have hypertension, obviously, you should be avoiding coffee.
  6. eabrams

    Did Anyone Dress up for Halloween?

    I sometimes do. It depends on my mood, sometimes I don't feel up for it, other times I want to have fun with it. It depends.
  7. Russia regularly bans all sorts of things but how much they enforce those bans is another matter altogether.
  8. eabrams

    Online or Offline Casino - this is the question

    I think both are good. My advice is to try both and then decide for yourself what you prefer.
  9. eabrams

    The casino I enjoy and trust the most

    It's been a while since the first post was made, are you still playing there?
  10. eabrams

    Which gives you much pleasure?

    Well, there's online gambling of course. Apart from that I am not much of a risk taker, I like peace and quiet and a good book most of all.
  11. eabrams

    Favorite Movies?

    There are too many to list, but I think the ones I love the most are the oldest Star Wars trilogy and The Winter Soldier.
  12. eabrams

    What's your favorite TV shows and why?

    Right now? The Expanse. I can't wait for the new season to start.
  13. eabrams

    Do you walk in the morning?

    I am very much not a morning person, so I don't take such walks early in the day. I do like long walks in the evening, just as dusk sets.
  14. eabrams

    Do you like to sleep in the holiday?

    I always like sleeping, regardless of what day it is. One can't always sleep in though, there are things to be done.