How to Play Roulette

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games today - it is near impossible to walk into a casino that doesn't have a roulette wheel and table.

Part of the reasons why this game is so popular, is the fact that being a game based on chance, anyone can play, and anyone can win. As such, there is minimal info to learn, and you can catch on fairly quickly.

Topics Addressed

  • Roulette wheel design
  • Roulette board and betting options
  • Roulette rule
  • Appropriate and responsible game play

Previously Required Knowledge

Absolutely nothing just be open minded and go along with the flow!


Step One

Know how the wheel works

"Roulette" is derived from the French word meaning "small wheel". The wheel's circumference is made up of pockets that are randomly numbered from 0-36, and colored in alternating red and black. There is always a green pocket numbered zero, and in American Roulette an additional green pocket numbered "00". In the game, a "croupier" (similar to a dealer in card games) spins the wheel in one direction, and then spins a ball in the opposite direction onto the tilted surface of the wheel's circumference. As the wheel slows down, the ball eventually falls into one of the numbered pockets, which will indicate the results.

Step Two

Understand the Roulette board & Bets

A large felt board is placed next to the Roulette wheel for betting purposes. It will contain in one area all the numbers that appear on the wheel itself, which if wagered on, mean that you are betting on the ball landing on the specific number that you have chosen. The numbers appear in 3 columns and are read downwards. Above this area are the zero and double zero squares, indicating betting on the green pockets of the wheel. Alongside the third column of the numbers are arrows; placing your chips on one of these arrows means that you are betting on the ball landing on one of the 3 numbers in that row. Alternatively, there are 3 arrows at the bottom of this area (one under each column), for which if you bet on them, you are betting that the ball will land on one of the numbers in that column. To the left of the numbered area is "1st 12", "2nd 12", and "3rd 12"; the 12 relates to a third of the 36 numbers. So, the 1st 12 means numbers 1-12, the second means numbers 13-24, and the 3rd means numbers 25-36. To the left of these squares are 6 additional squares. The most outer ones relate to the 1st and 2nd half of the wheel's numbers, and are called "1-18", and "19-36". The next squares are titled "even" and "odd" numbers, and the two middle squares are titled "red" and "black". As you can see, there are many betting options. Each of these options have been categorized into certain betting groups:

Inside Bets

  • Straight: a single number.
  • Split: a bet on two adjoining numbers (chip is placed in between two number squares)
  • Street: a bet on three numbers lying horizontally beside one another in row.
  • Corner: a bet on 4 numbers in the layout (chip is placed on center point of all 4 numbers)
  • Six line: a bet made on 2 adjoining rows, known as "streets".

Outside bets:

  • Even money bets: any bet that is relevant to 18 numbers (black/red/even/odd, etc)
  • Group bets: a bet made on the first, second, or third group of 12 numbers.
  • Column: bets made on one of the 3 columns of individual numbers.

Step Three

Learn the Roulette Rules

Winning the game is simple - if the ball falls into the pocket that is numbered with the number you have placed your bet on, you win. If it doesn't, you lose. However, because of the game's simplicity, it has great payouts in nearly all cases. Up to 8 gamblers can place their bets at a single table at a time. Bets can be made on any color, number, or combination of numbers, and can be made until the point where the ball is dropped into the wheel. After each round the table is cleared and the croupier will signal the commencement of a new betting round.

Step Four

Find a Roulette Download

Unless you are signed up to a favorite casino, or your casino doesn't offer it, find a Roulette download that is reliable, clear, and to your liking. Download and install it.

Step Five

Begin Game Play

Once you have entered your casino lobby, find the roulette game and click on it. You may have to click "start" of "play" in order to begin, yet in most cases you will be required to make a bet straight up. Doing so is just a matter of choosing your chip (how much you want to wager) and then clicking on the square on the table layout that you wish to bet on. Once you have done this, click "spin".

Step Six

Win or Lose

The Croupier will spin the wheel. When it stops the ball will fall into a pocket and indicate the winning number. According to the results, you will either win or lose. Your score should be displayed next to your chips or at the top of the screen. Continue steps 5 and 6 every time you wish to play an additional round.

Step Seven

Pack it up appropriately

You can cash in your winnings after each round, or whenever you decide to quit. Do so by clicking on the "cash out" or "cashier" option. This will require you to re-enter your personal details for I.D. verification so that your money can be sent to you. Once done, click "exit", and close the application.


Some bets have better odds than others, even though it is a game of chance. You can read about them usually before commencing game play, or at your online casino.


The house edge is the same for all bets made.

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