How to Win at Baccarat

How to Win at Baccarat

Baccarat is a game of chance, therefore systems do not generally work for this game. Whether or not a certain system works will have no mathematical basis just pure luck and there is very little you can do to influence the outcome.

However, because its rules are automatic, Baccarat has a minimal house edge, meaning that you can capitalize on your odds (which as a player are usually in your favor). By varying the intensity of betting appropriately, you will be able to take advantage of the outcomes and succeed. The following are a few examples of how to do this, and general tips that can help you win at Baccarat.

Topics Addressed

  • The use of systems
  • The bets in Baccarat
  • Responsible money management

Previously Required Knowledge

As an intermediate Baccarat player, you should be aware of all the game's rules, objective, and different elements before trying to learn a game strategy. If you haven't yet mastered the basics, then go back and practice online until you feel confident enough.

To sum it all up, play with few decks, stick to the banker's bet, and manage your money appropriately.

Step One

The number of decks and Commission

If you have read the Baccarat odds table, you might have noticed that playing with fewer decks offers you better odds. There are only several casinos out there with single deck online Baccarat, usually the casinos that are powered by Microgaming. Also, finding an online Baccarat game with low commission can greatly significantly increase your winnings and minimize your losses. The best combination of these 2 factors would be the 6-deck game with 4 percent commission on the "banker's" winning hand. 4 percent is the most advantageous to you, because the returned house edge is reduced to 0.6 percent.

Step Two

Don't use a system

Most Baccarat strategies are designed to cover losses rather than chase winnings. For this reason, they should be avoided at all costs - unless you have a lot of money that you don't mind losing. With card counting for example, the payoff is so low that for all the effort and energy you invest in it, it is simply not worth even trying. The infamous Martingale system, as well as many bankroll systems, will cause you to reach your maximum bet or run out of money. They are based on tables with high betting limits, and require you to begin with a large bankroll. Instead, employ the simpler Baccarat strategies that will allow you to maximize both your time at the table, and the amount of winnings you will walk away with.

Step Three

Choose the right Baccarat bet

In Baccarat there is only a "choice" of 3 bets (even though the game is automatic):

  1. Betting on the player hand - has a house edge of 1.29 percent
  2. Betting on the banker hand - has a house edge of 1.01 percent
  3. Betting on a tie hand - has a house edge of 15.75 percent

These figures can vary depending on the amount of decks being used, and the house edge is very similar for both the player and banker bet. However, in the long run, the banker's hand is known to win more often than the player's hand. Therefore you should be making more overall bets on the banker than anything else. The only disadvantage of betting on the banker is the 5% commission you must pay if you win; meaning that if you wagered $10, you will get back $19.5 rather than $20.

If you bet on the player, although the payout is lower, there is no financial disadvantage such as commission - you can keep all of our winnings.

As for the tie bet - don't use it! Yes, it may have a considerably high payout (8:1 - if you bet $10 and win, you receive an additional $80 in profit), yet it has a casino advantage of 15 percent. Aside from this, a ties only occurs less than 10% percent of the time over long periods. For the rare occasion on which it might occur, it is not worth risking that 15 percent.

So in conclusion

  • A bet on The Banker's Hand will win the most often, but you will have to give up the commission.
  • A bet on The Player's hand will win less frequently, but you will get to keep all of your winnings.
  • A bet on a Tie will win rarely, but it will pay out a big jackpot when it does.

Step Four

Manage your money correctly

Knowing what to bet is not enough for winning at Baccarat - managing your money wisely is a crucial aspect that you must learn. Following some simple guidelines can help you increase your chances of winning. Firstly, always set yourself a monetary betting limit before beginning game play. Once you have done this, calculate roughly how many rounds you can play in the designated time you have set yourself, and divide your funds equally. And finally, cash out your money frequently to ensure that you will always leave with something in your pocket.


Just because you are playing Baccarat, it does not mean that you are the player. As such, the casino is not the banker - they are just the names assigned to 2 different and unrelated hands. You are no more than the Baccarat gambler.
If you do not stick to your strategy, you are relying on pure luck. So make sure that once you have chosen one, you stick with it until you finish playing.
Don't gamble more than you have or more than you can afford to lose, and stop before you start chasing losses.
Never underestimate the element of luck - it is the biggest factor of the game, which is after all a game of chance.

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