How to Win in Texas Holdem Poker

How to Win in Texas Holdem Poker

Some simple ideas to help you on your way to becoming the king of the poker table.

You can research poker strategy until your heart's content.reams and reams have been written on this topic. In this article we take a snap-shot look at Texas Holdem Poker - the most popular form of the game, to give you some short, sharp tips to improve your play.

1. Play tight and aggressive

Poker is a waiting game. A good player will invariably fold most hands (around 80% in a 10-player game). The tell-tale sign of a poor player is one who falls in love with every hand. Most poker experts advise playing few hands (tight) but betting and raising often with the hands that you do play (aggressive).

2. Position yourself

Order of play or 'position' is a crucial element of Texas Holdem Poker. The later you are to act, the more time you have to deduce information about your opponents' cards. The earlier you are in the order of play, therefore, the more selective you should be about the cards that you play. In short, play tight early and loose later.

3. Spot the mug

Get to know your opponents. And we're not talking mind games. The main thing to figure out is which players are loose and which are tight. Most money in poker is made from the few novice players who repeatedly play weak hands. It's important to identify these players and even more important not to become one of them. Bear in mind that if you can't spot the mug in a poker game, it's most probably you!

4. Get caught bluffing

This is a good way to mix up your play and avoid becoming too predictable. You'll win pots that you don't deserve when your bluff works and lose a few chips when it doesn't. But it will get you calls from weaker hands later on when you do have a strong hand and need the action.

5. Change your sex

One for the guys: when playing online it can be a good idea to use a feminine sounding name. It's likely that most men at the table will not give their best game against a woman and may play less aggressively.Nothing is guaranteed but it's worth a try!

So in short, before getting bogged down in in-depth poker strategy, remember the basics: be patient, think about position, suss out your opponents, mix up your game and think about changing your sex!

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