Your Guide to Online Bingo

Discover the exciting world of online bingo gaming and shout BINGO at the top of your lungs. Explore the history, popular terms, rules, and strategies of one of the biggest games in iGaming. Pick up handy tips, learn cool tricks, and study the various bingo variants that you can partake in online. All this and more in this comprehensive bingo guide!

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Bingo is an integral part of our global culture, with the word itself being synonymous with correct answers. It is a game that has evolved into an exciting yet straightforward gem over the centuries. The simple concept of marking off numbers on pre-printed or digital cards, usually referred to as bingo cards, is one that has attracted countless crowds from all walks of life. While it is typically associated with the elderly, thanks to pop culture, it is actually one of the most exciting yet relaxing casino games ever.

Most bingo games fall into two categories: 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. Each of those has different card layouts and winning patterns, which is easy to get used to since the basic gameplay stays largely the same. Your bingo card is comprised of a grid of numbers in rows and columns, with the caller’s randomly selected numbers being announced one by one. Players then mark off or “daub” said numbers with the hopes of forming a certain pattern. Patterns differ from variant to variant, with the most popular ones being full line, diagonal, the word "Bingo", or something completely different. Every win is naturally followed by a loud shout that echoes the word “Bingo” in all directions.

The game's gameplay is superb for social gaming, as players often cheer each other on while stealthily comparing their cards. While bingo halls offer the most camaraderie, online chat rooms come very close.

The fact that everyone is competing for the same prize does not diminish neither camaraderie nor excitement. Casino game developers have made sure of this by even offering jackpots. Join us on this deep dive into online bingo to learn more.

Pros & Cons

It is incredibly convenient
There are plenty of game variants
You can claim various bonuses
Technical issues can interfere with gaming
There is lesser atmosphere


The story of bingo begins in 16th-century Italy, where a lottery game called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia" was created in 1530. The latter involved players using cards with numbered squares, which are clear forefathers of modern bingo cards. Note that the game was usually used for charitable causes.

The game eventually made its way to France in the late 18th century, where it adopted the name “La Lotto”. It was incredibly popular among the French aristocracy, and it boasted a playing card that was split into three horizontal and nine vertical rows.

The 19th century saw its migration to Germany, where it was, oddly enough, used for educational purposes. The concept was simple; students would use it to learn multiplication tables and spelling while having a bit of fun.

The Old Continent could simply not contain bingo anymore, so it spilled over into the United States in the early 20th century. There it was called “Beano” until an excited punter mispronounced it and shouted “Bingo!”. Note that cards were marked with beans, which is a tad odd.

Bingo did not forget its philanthropic roots, as it began to be used for fundraising in the mid-20th century. This time, it was various religious organizations that used it to raise funds and provide entertainment. You can still find such events in modern US churches.

This era also saw the emergence of bingo halls and bingo venues, which were eventually also featured by casinos. As casinos went from brick-and-mortar establishments to online platforms, so did bingo. Various exciting forms were introduced, with mobile and live bingo following closely behind. While it is impossible to predict the future of this exciting game, it is sure to partake in the VR and AR gaming worlds.

Popular Terms

Understanding the lingo that makes up online bingo is crucial to having a pleasant gaming experience. Check out the following breakdown of the most popular bingo terms to learn more.

  • Bingo - The phrase that is shouted when a winning pattern is formed. Digital variants often feature the phrase in various celebratory animations.
  • Card - Sometimes referred to as "bingo card" or "bingo ticket", it is the space on which an individual grid with its respective numbers is placed. Punters mark their numbers when they are called.
  • Caller - The person, often a hostess, who calls out numbers.
  • Dauber - A special ink marker that is used to mark off called numbers.
  • Pattern - A specific arrangement of numbers that punters need to mark off. The patterns differ from title to title.
  • Free Space - The center square of a bingo card is usually free and labeled “FREE”. It counts forwards winning patterns.
  • Session - A specific period during which multiple bingo games are played.
  • Progressive Jackpot - A jackpot that is increased with each placed wager. Winning it requires completing a specific pattern within a certain number of calls.
  • Chat Room - Online rooms where punters can interact whilst playing. These rooms often have hosts or moderators to keep things above par.
  • CWTCH - A Welsh term for a hug or cuddle that is used to describe a win.
  • Lucky Number 7 - A number that is considered lucky by various cultures. Its statistical chances of appearing are, however, the same as every other number.
  • Onesies, Twosies - Bingo slang, usually used by callers, for the numbers 1 and 2.
  • Early Bird - The first game or games in a bingo session.
  • Late Night - Games that are played at the tail end of a bingo session.


It is crucial that you know exactly what a game of online bingo looks like. This will help you ground your expectations and know exactly what is waiting for you at each stage. Check out the following breakdown to learn more:

  • Select a Bingo Room - You need to select a bingo room before you can buy a bingo card. Rooms vary in ticket prices, bingo variants, and prize pools.
  • Buy a Bingo Card - The next step is to buy bingo cards or tickets. You can purchase multiple depending on the game rules and your preferences.
  • The Game Begins - Numbers are drawn by a bingo caller or an automated system. The latter is usually based on RNG or random number generators, so you need not worry about fairness. Drawn numbers are displayed on your screen.
  • Mark Numbers - Now you have to mark off or daub-called numbers on your bingo cards. Note that some games do it automatically, thanks to an “Auto-Daub” feature.
  • Achieve a Bingo - You will eventually form a winning pattern, which can be a single line, a specific shape, or even a blackout. The latter is a fully marked card.
  • Call Bingo - When the winning pattern is achieved, you can click the “Bingo” button and claim your winnings.
  • Celebrate with Your Peers - Most games feature a chat feature or automated emoji responses that allow you to celebrate with your fellow punters.
  • Start Fresh - After bingo has been achieved, the game resets and starts from scratch.


Punters want to create a winning formulate for every single casino game under the Sun. While strategies cannot guarantee wins or alter the odds of you winning, they can help you tackle bingo in an organized and meticulous manner. Check out the following common bingo strategies to maximize your bingo gaming.

  • Resetting After a Win - This strategy involves resetting your original bet after a win.
  • Doubling After Losses - One of the riskier but more exciting strategies involves doubling your ticket purchase after a loss. If one card loses, you simply buy two for the next game. Note that this can get very expensive very quickly.
  • Multiple Card Plays - Buying more than one bingo card gives you more possible winning lines. However, it does incur additional costs.
  • Varied Card Selection - If you are using multiple cards, make sure to vary your chosen numbers. This broadens the spread of your betting and chances of picking winning numbers.
  • Early Arrival - Joining a bingo game a bit before it starts is a great idea, as it helps you calmly purchase cards and settle in. You can also exchange a couple of words with your fellow punters.
  • Auto-Daubing - Nothing is worse than missing out on called numbers, which is why some punters employ Auto-Daubing or auto-marking in their bingo strategies.
  • Pattern and Number Trends - A common strategy is to look for patterns and number trends in previous games. While this cannot guarantee wins, it can help you feel as if you are in control of the action.
  • Timing and Frequency - This is one of the more superstitious strategies, as it involves playing at certain hours and days. You should not expect much from this non-mathematical approach.


Online bingo is one of the most fun and thrilling casino games that you can play. While most people know how to play it, few know how to optimize the gameplay and get the most from it. Check out the following tips to learn more.

Getting Started

Starting an online bingo session is relatively straightforward. However, it might be daunting to beginners and those who are unfamiliar with technology. We have, therefore, prepared this crash course that will help you start your online bingo gaming in minutes.

1 Pick a Reputable Bingo Site

You should always join reputable, licensed, and regulated online bingo sites that are renowned for their quality and expertise. These sites should boast extensive game libraries, plenty of bonuses, various payment methods, and a pleasant theme. You can find the best of the best on our list of recommended online bingo sites.

2 Understand the Rules

You should know the exact rules of your chosen bingo variant. Rules vary between 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball bingo. Moreover, some games feature progressive jackpots and unique bonus rounds.

3 Set a Budget

You should set a bankroll or budget before you even log into your bingo account. Said budget should include your wagers, funds for wagering requirements, and minimum bonus deposits.

4 Utilize Bonuses

Most online gambling sites feature plenty of exciting bonuses and promotions. These include free tickets, deposit matching, welcome packages, no-deposit bonuses, and even cashback promotions. Note that each comes with wagering requirements and eligible games, so be sure to check those out.

5 Have Fun

It is crucial that you perceive your online bingo session as a way to have fun, not a way to make money. This will help you avoid anxiety and stress further down the line.


The world of online bingo gambling is incredibly popular and vast, with punters from all over the world partaking on a daily basis. This has naturally led to various terms and phrases that are either pure slang or just a bit of jargon. Check out the following bingo glossary and ensure that you are always in the known.

Bingo Glossary

Bingo Game Types

You will inevitably encounter various bingo game types during your online bingo gambling adventures. We want you to be familiar with the most popular ones, which is why we have prepared the following breakdown:

30 Ball

Sometimes referred to as "Speed Bingo" or "30 Ball Speed Bingo", this exciting, fast-paced bingo variant does not leave you wanting. It boasts a 3x3 grid with only 30 numbers, which makes tracking called numbers and landing wins very straightforward.

75 Ball

Affectionately referred to as “American Bingo”, this incredible bingo variant features a 5x5 grid with a free center square. Your objective is to complete a specific pattern, such as lines, shapes, or blackout. The latter is just marking all of the numbers.

80 Ball

This bingo game did not exist before online gaming was a thing. It is comprised of a 4x4 grid with columns of distinct colors. You will find it to be very similar to 75 Ball Bingo in terms of winning patterns.

90 Ball

The most popular bingo variant in the UK and Europe, with three potential prizes. One for one horizontal line, one for two horizontal lines, and one for a full house. Note that its larger grid and more numbers result in longer rounds.

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Yes, you definitely can! Various online casinos and bingo sites offer free or demo bingo games. You will usually find them tagged as “Free Bingo” or “No Deposit Bingo”. Note that these offer little or no real money prizes.

Yes, you definitely can! Online bingo is available on various smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS ones. It is available via dedicated casino apps and mobile-optimized websites.

Yes, there are! While the exact size and format, either fixed or progressive, depends on the bingo title in question, you can definitely find various jackpot prizes for online bingo. Note that some require you to form a Full House within a certain number of calls or achieve another specific pattern.

Yes, you certainly can! The game of bingo is renowned for its low stakes, but that has not stopped casino operators and software developers from offering high-stakes bingo that is perfect for high rollers and VIPs.

Most online bingo games already fall into the low-stakes or low-limits category, thanks to the affordable ticket prices. However, there are a few special titles that are even cheaper than what you would normally expect. You can find these on our list of recommended online bingo venues.

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