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In 1994, online gambling took the world by storm and that same year Antigua became the first regulatory authority to issue online gambling licenses.  Antigua was also one of the first online gambling jurisdictions.  Since its debut in the online gambling industry, Antigua has carved out an excellent reputation and has strict laws and regulations to ensure the safety and fairness of online gaming enthusiasts. 

The provision of online gaming licensing allowed Antigua to improve its economy because a significant number of online gaming operators received their licenses through this authority.  The regulations set by Antigua cover every aspect of online gaming and they have set an example for other regulatory bodies.  Licenses provided by Antigua fall under one of two different categories which are gaming licenses for the purpose of gambling and wagering licenses for the purpose of betting. 

Antigua requires that operators follow a strict set of rules including age limits for gaming and all operators are required to display warnings about online gambling addiction.  This warning must be displayed on the website otherwise the operator will not be approved for an online gaming license. 

Once an online gambling operator has received a license they must follow all regulations and laws.  There are many different regulations which are designed to prevent scams and criminal activity.  The Antiguan Directorate of Offshore Gaming handles licensing and they also handle any disputes players may have with online casinos that have been licensed through this authority.  If the customer cannot resolve a problem directly with the casino they can submit it to the Antiguan Directorate of Offshore Gaming for resolution. 

Antigua licensed Online Casinos

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