Online gambling is a very popular pastime in the South American country of Brazil, with regulation going forwards.

Brazil is one of the largest markets for gambling, even though regulation in the South American country are quite complex. Games, which outcomes are unknown are still primarily illegal, there are still millions of Brazilian players that can take part in different forms of gambling. 

The main issue with Brazil's online gambling regulation is that it is up to the 26 individual states therein to set laws and regulate the markets. Brick and mortar casino gambling has been illegal since laws were passes in 1946, but neither of those laws talk about online gambling naturally. The Brazilian government has not yet come up with a way to regulate thousands of operators offering online gambling services to the massive population in Brazil.

International gambling sites are prevalent in Brazil and to date, no casino player in Brazil has ever been prosecuted for taking part. There have been government appeals to restrict payment to gambling sites, but nothing has been passed yet, and it will undoubtedly be a few years before it happens, if it happens.

For now, Brazilian casino players can play freely at hundreds of international casino sites just like in any regulated country. It will take time until Brazil makes amendments to their outdated gambling legislation so for the meantime, players and operators are able to work.  

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