The market in Bulgaria is booming with more and more operators offering services therein.

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Bulgaria gave the green light to online gambling back in 2008, but the industry is suffers from high taxes and strict regulation. To be able to operate on online casino or sportsbook within Bulgarian borders, operators must attain a license and pay a heavy fee.

Legalized in 1993, the State Commission for Gambling only began approving licenses in 1998 and regulation the activity began just a few years back in 2012. Many operators from the region have been operating without the proper licenses, which has placed them on a blacklist with approximately 400 other sites. These sites are blocked by internet providers, which makes the twenty percent tax on gross profits a small price to pay therein.

Bulgarian players are legally able to play at international sites, and the relatively low taxes, in comparison to other regions has made Bulgaria a hot spot for operators seeking to break in to the market.

Still a small industry, online gambling is expected to surge in Bulgaria in the next couple of years, with more and more operators applying for licenses and offering services to Bulgarian casino players.

A great example for countries still questioning creating legislation in favor of online gambling, Bulgaria is seeing millions of dollars in tax revenue and a drop in organized gambling crime.  

Bulgaria Licensed Online Casinos

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