There are a ton of online casinos and online bookmakers in the great white North, but at what capacity?

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Online gambling in Canada was a grey area for some time. Traditionally, Canada was in-line with the US and its "strict" stance on online casinos and sportsbooks until around the 1970's, but seeing the potential for growth, job-creation, return on investment and ways to regulate the growing market, led them to make amendments to their outdated laws and in 1985, the 9 provinces and 2 territories therein, were given the opportunity to decide if online casino players in Canada should be allowed to take part in the popular pastime.

Online casino legality in Canada is no longer a mystery. Canadian casino players are now able to access hundreds of online gambling platforms, many from within their own borders. There are Canadian lotteries, Canadian online casinos, Canadian sportsbooks and much more. Many of the individual provinces are running their own online casinos, which creates vast revenue to be invested into everything from education and cultural activities, to healthcare and community programs.

While underage gambling in Canada is very much illegal, as is playing on sites located outside of the borders. This hasn't stopped players from playing on sites from overseas, nor has it ever been reinforced on a single Canadian making the practice accepted.

iGaming in Canada is legal, and is there to stay.

Canada Licensed Online Casinos

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