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Comoros is a country made up of a few small islands that are located off the east coast of Africa.  This country has been a licensing authority for online casinos since 1999 when one of the islands called Anjouan created the Computer Gambling Licensing Act. 

Online casinos that are licensed with Comoros are safe and this gaming authority works to ensure that no fraud takes place.  If any dishonest or fraudulent online casinos are discovered this gaming authority will add them to the Rogue Casino List. 

Comoros has more lenient licensing regulations and will grant licenses to many offshore companies.  One license from Comoros generally covers nearly all types of gambling and in most cases Comoros does not require multiple licenses which is a huge advantage to many online casinos. 

Because the licensing requirements in Comoros are not very strict it is best to ensure that the online casino has a proven track record of stability and fairness.  The online casino does not need to be physically located in Comoros but it does need to conduct business through an Anjouan bank. 

When a company is approved for a license they are required to play a $20,000 fee before the license is granted.  Once the online casino is licensed its operations are under the jurisdiction of Comoros and the casino must pay a yearly maintenance fee of $1,400. 

Unfortunately, Comoros does not have any dispute resolution so players will need to speak directly to the casino or an outside mediator if they encounter any problems.  This means that if there is a dispute, it will probably favor the casino because the government of Comoros will not get involved. 

Comoros licensed Online Casinos

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