The Irish Revenue Commissioners are responsible for the licensing and regulation of online casinos and land-based casinos in Ireland. Any operator with a gaming machine is required by law to hold a gaming licence. Online casinos must be licensed too.

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The Office of the Revenue Commissioners was established in 1923 by Government Order. There are three commissioners on the board, and one of them is the Chairman with the rank of Secretary-General. The Chairman also serves as the Accounting Officer for Revenue.

The role of revenue is to fairly serve the community through the implementation of customs controls, and the collection of duties and taxes. Ireland currently boasts 70 revenue offices, and employs some 5,968 full-time staff members.

Gaming Licence

The Ireland Revenue Commissioners have it within their purview to issue gaming licences to operators. Any operator of gaming machines is mandated by law to have a gaming license for each physical premises where those machines are available to legal-age players. Each machine on the premises must be licensed and the licence must be prominently displayed to players.

There is no fixed licensing period in Ireland – 3-month periods or 1-year periods are available. Gaming machines may not be operated using Amusement Machine Permits – they must be operated with a Gaming Licence.

Annual gaming licences carry an excise duty of €630, while 3-month gaming licenses cost €175. The fees for an annual gaming machine license are €505, and the fees for a 3-month gaming machine license are €145 (figures from September 2019).

Remote Bookmaker’s Licence

Any business which engages in gambling activity in Ireland via remote (online betting, telephone betting, telegraphy et cetera) betting must hold a remote bookmaker’s licence. Bookmakers are not allowed to accept any bets through remote channels if they do not hold a licence, except in certain circumstances.

Licensed bookmakers can accept remote bets without a remote bookmaker's licence if the bets are 10% of their annual turnover (according to the bookmaker's licence), or less than €250,000. Remote bookmakers licences are valid for 2-years at a time.

A first remote bookmaker’s licence costs €10,000. The renewal fee is dependent upon the company's turnover. The Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners accepts single payments, or two equal-value instalments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all Irish online casinos need to be licensed?
Yes. The Ireland Revenue Commissioners is charged with the licensing and regulation of all online casinos in Ireland.

Why should I play at a licensed Irish online casino?
Licensing ensures accountability, transparency, and compliance with the government's mandates. Licensed online casinos must operate within the constructs of the law.

How can I tell if an online casino is licensed in Ireland?
Reputable Irish online casinos will proudly display the Irish Revenue Commissioners seal and their license number. This is usually found in the footer of the online casino’s homepage, or in the About Us section.

Can I cross check an Irish online casino's licensing?
Yes. The Irish Revenue Commissioners website makes it easy to cross check licensing and regulation of online casinos.

Do you have to pay tax on winnings at an Irish online casino?

According to the gambling laws of Ireland, the proceeds of gambling are not taxable. This includes sports betting, casino gambling, and lotteries.

Ireland licensed Online Casinos

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