The governance of gaming, Italian style.

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The AAMS manages the activities of regulation and control of the entire gaming sector. It further fosters the development of the business, production and distribution networks, thus creating increased wealth and employment opportunities.

Why the AAMS?
The AAMS purpose is to draw up guidelines to ensure the rational and dynamic development of the sector. It also acts to continue all control activities to ensure that licensed gambling companies abide by the rules as set out by AAMS.

According to the AAMS the state manages the infrastructure network and the control functions while the marketing of games is determined by a free market system, ensuring fair practice and a healthy economic balance.

Measures adopted by the AAMS
The AAMS combats illegal gaming through both compliance and repression.It improves public gaming activities as part of its ongoing efforts. It seeks to maintain the public trust by adopting measures that will regulate the gaming market.

In addition to ensuring safe leisure time decisions, the AAMS is involved in multiple, socially responsible projects such as sports, tobacco and alcohol safety and standards, gambling, lotto, sports betting, bingo, security IT and transparency.

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