Land-based and remote gambling operators alike are licensed and held to the legislation, regulations, and directives of the Malta Gaming Authority.

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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was initially founded as the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). Since establishing in 2001, the MGA has been at the forefront of licensing remote gambling services for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer enterprises alike.

MGA Foundations

Jurisdictions like Malta presented an enticing opportunity for remote gambling operators to base their operations offshore, for the purpose of lowering their domestic tax bills. At the same time, the MGA moved to develop a trusted jurisdiction from where players could trust the operators.

To that end, the MGA regulated the industry by formulating regulations, directives, and regulations. And that was achieved through Chapters 438 and 400 of Maltese laws, while the Lotteries and Other Games Act, 2001, has also proven pivotal.

In protecting vulnerable players, the MGA also works to enhance the transparency of its licensees. Additionally, this can result in the MGA also making efforts to thwart crime and corruption, including the money laundering efforts of criminal gangs.

Aims, Objectives, & Activities

First and foremost the MGA, aims to protect minors and vulnerable persons, while also safeguarding players’ rights. The next aim is to promote responsible gaming within a safe environment, while another is to ensure the integrity of games and associated devices. The final aim is to keep Maltese gaming free from criminal activities.

The MGA has also drafted objectives that are led by the need to consolidate regulatory functions associated with gaming, which is then followed by the operation of a successful and integrated authority. Furthermore, the MGA wants to support the industry and innovation, provide authoritative and accessible information, and support licensing efforts.

Aims and objectives are supported by the pursual of several activities, including the act of researching gaming, awarding legitimately achieved licences, monitoring all licensees, collecting taxes for the Maltese government, ensuring the industry support Maltese development, and just generally supporting good causes.

Licence Types

All businesses that wish to operate in Malta must start by approaching the MGA to apply for a licence, of which there are two options: land-based gaming and remote gaming. The candidate must then navigate a five-stage process comprising fit and proper, business planning, operational and statutory requirements, system review, and compliance review.

The MGA also distinguishes between the natures of the business, with the Gaming Service Licence covering B2C while the Critical Gaming Supply Licence on hand for B2B services. Four types of licence are then available depending on how the services are provided, such as entailing the use of a random number generator or playing with physical cards.

Support Systems

The MGA maintains support systems that can be used by players who game with operators that are licensed in the Malta remote gambling jurisdiction. Land-based and remote gaming support channels are maintained to support players who are experiencing any issues with their operator.

In addition, players and operators alike can search through the frequently asked questions and answers that have been curated by the MGA. The list is rather extensive, but the MGA is also on hand to engage in direct communication through a variety of social media channels and email address, with a Maltese telephone number also running.

Malta licensed Online Casinos

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