Malta is one of the most popular destinations for online gambling companies to base their headquarters and operations in.

Top Malta licensed Online Casinos

There, they are licensed and regulated under the Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a public regulatory body that is responsible for the governance of online gaming in Malta.

The authority serves as an effective legislative instrument in the regulators mission to take on protecting minors and vulnerable persons, safeguarding players' rights, promoting responsible gaming in a safe environment, ensuring the integrity of games and gaming devices, and keeping gaming free from criminal activities.

In 2001, the Lotteries and Other Games Act came into force in Malta and vested the legal authority to the MGA to hereto forth provide the necessary tools to implement effective regulation.

It currently serves as a one-stop shop for regulators and the industry as a whole for supporting technological innovation, providing authoritative and accessible information, and providing licensing.

It conducts research on various aspects of gaming, grants and monitors licenses, collects taxes from gaming sites, supports good causes, and ensures that the sector contributes to the country's development.

Malta licensed Online Casinos

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