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The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore or the CRA is a board that is charged with regulating gambling by the Government of Singapore.  The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore’s main responsibilities include operating and managing casinos in Singapore in order to ensure that they are not exploited or used for criminal activities.  This gaming authority also works to ensure that gaming activities that take place in Singaporean casinos are conducted honestly and do not cause any harm to people, minors and society as a whole. 

There are a number of regulations that have been created by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore.  These regulations include control of:

  • Casino Contracts
  • Advertising
  • Casino Fees and Licenses
  • Casino Marketing Arrangements
  • Casino Layout
  • Composition of Offenses
  • Conduct of Gaming
  • Entry Levy
  • Credit
  • Internal Controls
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Licensing of Special Employees
  • Prescribed Offenses
  • Patron Dispute Resolution
  • Prevention of Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering
  • Surveillance
  • Responsible Gaming

Some well-known cases of regulation enforcement by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore include the fines that were imposed in February of 2012 on Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands.  These casinos were fined SGD385,000 for lapses in their screen and security.  The investigation and fines were brought about when 44 people entered the casinos despite the fact that they were not allowed to go into the casinos.  Some of the cases included permanent residents, and Singaporeans were allowed to enter the casino without paying a $100 entry fee, 7 people had exclusion orders, 13 minors were allowed to enter and 5 gamblers were allowed back in after they had remained in the casino for longer than their entry levies allowed. 

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