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The UK Gambling Commission provides licensing for all casinos in operation in the UK.  This commission has been in operation for 6 years and has revolutionized the gambling industry in the UK.  Along with the European Union, the UK made quite a few changes that affected gambling in the region. 

There are two license types given by the UK Gambling Commission – non-remote gambling licenses and remote gambling licenses.  For sports betting and horse racing, non-remote licenses are required.  Remote licenses are given to online casino operators.  There is no license that can be used by both online and land-based gambling operations. 

The UK and the EU have worked together to implement stricter regulations for gambling in order to reduce money laundering and other criminal activities that were occurring in the online casino world.  Gambling operators that have been approved for a license by the UK Gambling Commission must follow all regulations listed in the Code of Practice and the License Conditions. 

UK regulators will regularly inspect gambling operators to ensure that they are a legitimate gambling operator.  In addition, the UK Gambling Commission requires that all transactions are thoroughly documented so that there are records available if any issues arise in the future. 

All gambling operators in the UK must first get a license from the UK Gambling Commission.  More specifically, every prominent member of the company including senior managers must also get a license.  There are several types of licenses that are for specific members of the company. 

There are three objectives that the UK Gambling Commission wants to meet when providing licensing:

  • Protect children from exploitation
  • Ensure fair gambling practices
  • Prevent criminal activities

UK licensed Online Casinos

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