ACH Direct Deposit Casino Guide: Best Internet Casinos Accepting ACH Direct Deposit Payment Method

Guide for ACH Direct Deposit payment method and instructions forACH Direct Deposit online casino deposit and withdraw - List of the Best ACH Direct Deposit Online Casinos - Making a transfer with the online check clearing system ACH is as simple as writing an online check.

It is a familiar and popular method used at online casinos for quite some time. It has added value in the fact that it supports direct credit into bank accounts. Unlike credit, ACH is a recommended method to control your funds, allowing you to play only with money you actually have.

ACH supports US only checking accounts.


  • Rules and regulations governing the ACH network are established by NACHA-The Electronic Payments Association, formerly the National Automated Clearing House Association, and the Federal Reserve.
  • ACH is used for direct deposits of payroll, social security and other US government benefits, and tax refunds.


  • Using a Federal Bank regulated payment method is as good a guarantee for secure and reliable service as one can imagine.
  • Executing ACH payments is cheaper and faster than processing paper checks.

How to fund:

An ACH entry starts with a Receiver authorizing an Originator to issue ACH debit or credit to an account. The Originator must receive written, verbal or electronic authorization from the Receiver.

Once authorization is acquired, the Originator creates an ACH entry to be given to a financial institution that does ACH origination.

Barring insufficient funds in the account or that the account holder indicated that the transaction was unauthorized, the transaction is executed, usually within 24 hours.

Safety and security

In accordance with the rules and regulations of ACH, no financial institution may simply issue an ACH transaction (whether it be debit or credit) towards an account without prior authorization from the account holder (known as the Receiver).

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