2023 bKash Deposit and Withdrawal Guide With Our Recommended bKash Online Casinos

bKash Casino Payment Method Guide with a list of the best online casinos accepting it - bKash is a popular online payment service in Bangladesh whose equally used for making online casino deposits and withdrawals at a variety of reputable iGaming sites.

bKash was launched in 2010 by the Bangladesh Bank or more specifically, by one of its major subsidiaries BRAC Bank. BRAC Bank was founded in 2001, so nine years before bKash came into existence. As of today, BRAC Bank has over 180 branches in Bangladesh and around 7700 employees as of 2020. Back to bKash, this is a mobile payment provider which caters only to residents of Bangladesh. 

The service emerged on the scene as a venture between Money in Motion LLC and BRAC Bank. As one of the most used mobile payment services in the country, bKash offers a variety of mobile payment services, including hassle-free money depositors, both international and domestic money transfers, bill payments, and even mobile recharge options, among others. 

bKash users can also rely on other bKash mobile payment options, including making online casino deposits and withdrawals. With many online casinos operating in Bangladesh supporting bKash, players have no issues with finding reputable bKash iGaming sites. Regardless of which bKash service customers require, all of the different supported services are accessible via bKash iOS and Android apps

Back in November of 2021, the bKash mobile payment service became one of the most valuable startup companies in the industry. As estimated in 2020, the company revenues exceeded US$280 million and reached over US$640 million in total assets. Aside from Money in Motion LLC and BRAC Bank, several other entities have shares in the company, including International Finance Corporation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Ant Financial.

When it comes to bKash transaction limits, most Bkash online casinos allow maximum withdrawals up to around USD2,000 per transaction. However, minimum and maximum deposit limits vary between different casinos. As for commission fees, extra costs may arise when making bKash deposits and withdrawals, depending on your chosen online casino.

How to make a deposit using bKash

If you have never used bKash before, this is the guide for you with all the steps needed to successfully make bKash online casino deposits.

Create Your bKash Account

Before you can make bKash online casino deposits, you need to create your bKash account on the official website. The process of creating a new account is generally completed in no time.

Find a bKash Online Casino

The next step is to find a reputable, trustworthy bKash online casino. Once you have found such an iGaming site, proceed to create an online account there.

Verify Your Account and Log In

Next, provide all the required information to verify your newly created account. Once done, log into your account to be able to make a deposit.

Choose bKash as Your Deposit Option

To access all of the deposit options supported by your chosen casino, head to your cashier or click on the Deposit tab situated on the homepage.

Choose bKash

Click on the bKash from the list of supported deposit options.

Enter Your Account Details

Next, you have to specify the amount you want to deposit. A new window will also pop up and here you enter your bKash account details, including your transaction ID and your wallet number. Once done, authorize the transactions and your deposit is completed.

How to make a withdrawal using bKash

One of the biggest reasons behind the growing popularity of bKash is the opportunity to make hassle-free online casino withdrawals and all of the steps to make bKash withdrawals are featured below.

Log Into Your Online Casino Account

To make a withdrawal via bKash, you first need to log into your online casino account.

Head to Your Cashier

Provided that you have funds in your online casino account, head to your cashier and click on the Withdrawal tab.

Choose bKash

From the list of supported withdrawal options, choose bKash.

Enter Your bKash Account Details

Once you choose bKash, a new window will pop up and here you specify the amount you want to withdraw, as well as, provide your bKash wallet number. Once you confirm your transaction, your winnings will be credited to your bKash account.

Safety and security

bKash is one of the safest mobile payment services in Bangladesh and this should not come up as a surprise considering the fact the service is operated by BRAC Bank and a couple of other reputable companies. bKash values your privacy and security and this is why it employs top-notch security technology powered by Visa. In addition, all bKash transactions are encrypted with the same technology used by banks and other financial institutions. Lastly, every bKash transaction you want to make must be authorized by your unique PIN Code. 


Yes, bKash is one of the safest mobile payment services in Bangladesh.
Since bKash caters to residents of Bangladesh, the vast majority of bKash online casinos are those that operate in Bangladesh.
Yes, online casino players can request online casino withdrawals via bKash and the process is as easy and hassle-free as when making bKash online casino deposits.
No, you have to provide your personal details attached to your bKash account to make online payments or online casino deposits and withdrawals.
Yes, bKash employs state-of-the-art encryption technology and other safety and security measures provided by Visa.

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