Electronic Check

Electronic checks are the digital younger brothers of the conventional paper check, allowing for quicker and safer transactions of funds.

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An electronic check (commonly called echeck) is the equivalent of a conventional paper check, just one which you can easily use on the net. An electronic check can be used for any transaction which could be covered by a conventional check. Electronic checks are among the most popular ways to make payments online alongside credit cards and 3rd party payment processing services the likes of PayPal.

Benefits of an Electronic Check

An electronic check functions the same way as its paper relative does; the only difference is that the operation is performed online, rendering it much quicker. Security is an obvious benefit with electronic checks, as these can employ measures such as digital signatures and intricate encryption. Lower fees are also a strong point of the electronic check, with lower rates than those required by credit cards and e-wallets. Of course, using an electronic check is also being much friendlier to the environment – less paper gets wasted.

Paying with an Electronic Check

Paying with an electronic check is both very quick and easy, part of why this payment method is so popular, especially in online casinos. During the transaction, the check holder needs to supply standard information as he would if he had written a conventional paper check: His bank routing number, his account number and name which is written down with the account. Once the payment is cleared the funds are instantly credited to the accepting online casino – transfers are usually instant when processed by an electronic check. 

Electronic Check Online Casinos

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