Inpay allows for quick online bank transactions with no credit card and charge back hassles.

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A relatively new payment method, Inpay allows customers to make payment using their online bank. How it works is very simple: Merchants who work with Inpay send their customers to Inpay's website when the customers are ready to check out with their order. Then at Inpay, the customers are guided through a process to pay for the order using their online bank. The money is then transferred into one of Inpay's bank accounts.

Ultra Fast Transactions

Here lays the big merit found in Inpay: Transactions are usually received within a few seconds. Once the transaction is done, Inpay notifies the merchant, who can then carry on with the shipping of the order to the customer. Here is where the merchant finds Inpay's big advantage: Because the payment was made with a bank transfer, there is no risk of a charge back or any other similar common credit card problems. Inpay then transfers the payments from their bank accounts to the merchant's bank account - this usually takes place once a week but it can vary according to the merchant's specific agreement with Inpay.

Secure and Private

The customer also has his own benefits from Inpay. One major benefit is that when using Inpay, your privacy is protected. The merchant does not receive any info about your credit card nor details about your bank account - he is only notified whether the payment was processed or not. Additionally, payments can be tracked by customers via Inpay's website to see their status in real-time.

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