Khipu Online Casinos for 2023

Khipu is one of the most widely used payment services in Chile and today, over 2,500 companies and businesses based in the country offer their customers the option to use Khipu, including many online casino sites.

Khipu is a reliable payment option available in Chile that aims on making electronic transfers simpler and more convenient. Khipu is also one of the most affordable, secure, and straightforward payment services in the country. According to the official website, Khipu works with over 2,500 companies and businesses based in Chile.

Khipu has been around since 2013. The company is based in Chile in Santiago while it also has an office in Mendoza, Argentina. Aside from offering technologically-advanced electronic transfer services, the company also offers WaaS services and products. Its WaaS services and products are used by many companies in Chile that want to boost their security mechanisms and simplify the process of uploading their invoices to the respective authorities. 

Khipu operates like any other e-wallet service. Hence, with the help of Khipu, you can make online purchases at a number of companies, pay for groceries, manage bill payments, purchase flight tickets, and make deposits and withdrawals at many Khipu-supporting online casino sites. To be able to use Khipu, you need to have an active account at one of the many Khipu-supporting banking institutions. Besides serving customers residing in Chile, Khipu is also available in Argentina and Bolivia.

The service allows customers to make deposits and withdrawals at a number of online casino sites via simplified bank transfers. Customers can also get the Khipu app and make and receive payments this way. At the time of writing this, the service supports a couple of fiat currencies, including the US dollar, Chilean peso, Argentine peso, and Bolivian boliviano. 

Khipu online casino deposits are usually processed free of charge, while Khipu withdrawals may incur smaller commission fees depending on your chosen online casino. The average withdrawal pending time is usually three to five business days, sooner in some cases. 

How to Make a Deposit Using Khipu?

Now, let’s examine the process of making online casino deposits using Khipu. Follow the steps featured down below and you will have no issues with making Khipu deposits.

Register to Use the Service

The very first step is to register at the Khipu official website. Once again, keep in mind that the service is only available to customers residing in Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. During the process of registering, you need to provide your full name, alongside other private info.

Finish Setting Up Your Khipu Account

To set up your newly created Khipu account, you also need to link your bank account to your Khipu account. Check the list of Khipu-supporting banks before you proceed with the next step.

Find a Khipu Online Casino

Once you have set up your Khipu account, you start looking for a reliable Khipu online casino. We have included a list of the best Khipu online casinos here if you are not sure which casino to choose.

Register for an Account

Once you have found a reputable Khipu online casino, you proceed to register for an account. Once you have created your account, you will be asked to verify your account via email or SMS. Complete this step before you continue.

Make Your First Deposit

To make a deposit via Khipu, access your casino’s Banking page and click on the Deposit tab. Click on the Khipu logo from the list of available deposit options.

Enter Your Online Banking Info

Enter Your Online Banking Info

Specify the Amount to Deposit

The next step is to enter the amount you want to deposit. Make sure the amount you enter aligns with the casino’s minimum and maximum deposit limits. Verify your deposit request and you are good to go.

How to Make a Withdrawal Using Khipu?

Most online casinos that allow Khipu deposits also let you use the same service to request a withdrawal of your winnings. The withdrawals process via Khipu goes as follows:

Access the Casino’s Banking Page

You first navigate to the casino’s Banking page. Click on the Withdraw tab to access a complete list of withdrawal options. From the list, click on the Khipu logo.

Provide Your Online Banking Credentials

Once you click on the Khipu logo, a new secure window opens and here you enter your online banking login credentials. You will be also asked to enter your PIN code to access your account.

Specify the Amount to Withdraw

The next step is to specify the amount you want to withdraw. Make sure the amount you enter aligns with the casino’s minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Verify your withdrawal requests. Shortly after, the casino will start working on processing your withdrawal request.

Safety and security

Web browsers called Khipu payment terminals were created specifically for making safe and hassle-free electronic payments. These can be accessed through the company's website or via Khipu mobile app. The payment terminal automates the funds transfer procedure by just requesting the user's identifying and security information necessary to authorize the destination and the transfer amount. 

The whole process is rather safe. The company relies on different safety and security technologies, including the use of HTTPS protocols that encrypt the data shared between customers and Khipu payment terminals. The company also employs different safety and security measures for private data and password management, including TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security). 

In addition, the company’s safety company performs monthly audits of the Khipu data traffic of the iOS and Android payment terminals. Khipu also relies on double HSTS encryption protocols and possesses an extended validation certificate which altogether assists in protecting the funds and private data of all Khipu customers. 


Yes, Khipu is one of the safest electronic transfer payment services in South America. It relies on a number of advanced safety and security technologies, including HSTS and TLS encryption.
Khipu is an electronic payment service similar to e-wallets. It allows safe and hassle-free online transactions via simplified bank transfers.
Many online casinos serving customers residing in Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina accept payments via Khipu, and the best casinos of this kind are featured here.
Yes, aside from being able to make online casino deposits using Khipu, you can use the same service to make online casino withdrawals.
No, Khipu only accepts payments made in fiat currencies. Hence, to make crypto transactions, you need to use some alternative service.
Khipu is a payment provider based in Chile. At the time of writing this, Khipu services and products are available in Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.

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