Top 2023 Online Casinos That Accept Deposits and Withdrawals Via Kushki

Kushhki was founded in 2017 with the main goal of connecting all of the most renowned Latin American payment services with Latin American businesses in order to reduce the complexity and cost associated with making online payments. This short guide will teach you how to use Kushki to make online casino payments and which operators accept this payment method.

As mentioned on the official website of Kushki, this Latin American payment processing and fintech company was founded in 2017. According to the company’s founders, the main goal behind Kushki is to make it easier for Latin American companies and businesses to connect with their customers by offering hassle-free digital payment services and products.

According to the company’s founders, Kushki also aims to reduce the cost of international digital payments and provide services and products that reduce the complexity of online transactions. Kushki operates in five countries, including Ecuador, where its main office is located, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

Kushki also emerged on the scene in hopes of encouraging the development of innovative financial technologies in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Kushki is known for creating safe and modern payment options and solutions that help new companies acquire customers.

Kushki is known as a very robust and easily-customizable payment gateway service that, according to the official numbers, processes over 75.000 transactions each second. Kushki has opened offices in Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia to offer better support to its customers who reside outside of Ecuador.

This leads us to different payment services supported by this payment gateway, including card and cash processing options, local and international wire transfers, Smartlink, and Kajita, among other options. When it comes to using Kushki for online gambling, Mexican and other players have various payment options to choose from with a single Kushki account, including wire transfer cash, debit, or credit cards.

Regarding the service’s pricing, Mexican customers have to pay a minimum of 22,000 MXN per month to use Kushki. Other Kushki customers also have to pay minimum monthly fees to use Kushki services.


How to Make a Deposit Using Kushki?

In this section, we take a look at the process of making online casino deposits using Kushki. Follow the steps down below and you will be playing real money casino games in no time.

Find an Online Casino That Accepts Kushki

The first step is to find an online casino that supports this payment getaway. If you are not sure where to look, check out our selection of the best Kushki online casinos featured down below.

Provide Your Personal Info

Once you have found the right Kushki online casino, proceed to register for an account. To register for an account, click on the “Join Now” or “Sign-Up” tab on the homepage. Provide all the required personal info to complete your registration.

Make a Deposit

Provided that you have an active account at Kushki; you can go straight to your cashier to make a deposit. You need to register to use the service if you do not have an active Kushki account.

Choose Your Payment Option

From the list of supported payment options, click on the Kushki logo. Next, you need to choose your payment options. You can make a cash deposit, wire transfer, or use your debit/credit card. The list of all supported banking options is accessible on the official Kushki site.

How to Make a Withdrawal Using Kushki?

Many online casinos also let you make Kushki withdrawals, and the whole process of making Kushki withdrawals is featured below.

Access Your Online Casino Account

The very first step is to access your online casino account. To do so, enter your username and password. Once you have logged into your account, click on the Cashier to access your casino’s selection of supported withdrawal options.

Choose Kushki

From the list of supported withdrawal options, choose Kushki. Just like when making Kushki deposits, you have several different options when it comes to making withdrawals as well.

Choose Your Payment Option

You can request a withdrawal of your winnings via wire transfer or credit/debit card. Whichever option you choose, you need to enter your Kushki account details to complete your withdrawal request.

Enter the Amount You Want to Withdraw

Once you have provided your Kushki account details, enter the amount you want to withdraw and complete your withdrawal request.

Safety and security

Kushki employs top-notch safety and security technology to protect its clients’ funds. The company has also a variety of fraud prevention tools in place to combat potentially fraudulent activities. According to the official site, Kushki has a three-level security system in place, and one of these is the PCI DSS complaint. The company has also an excellent vault and tokenization system in place which provides the highest safety and security level.


If you reside in Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, or Peru you can use Kushki to make online casino payments.
Yes, Kushki is one of the safest payment gateways around. It has an advanced three-layer safety system in place to protect your funds and prevent fraud.
No, to use Kushki you need to pay a monthly fee. With a single monthly payment, you get access to all of the Kushki payment options.
No, Kushki does not support cryptocurrencies, so making crypto transactions is not possible.
This depends on your chosen online casino. Sometimes deposit and withdrawal commission fees may apply.

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