PagoEfectivo Casino Guide: Best Casinos Accepting PagoEfectivo Payment Method

Guide for PagoEfectivo payment method and instructions forPagoEfectivo online casino deposit and withdraw - List of the Best PagoEfectivo Online Casinos - PagoEfectivo is a popular payment method in the countries of Ecuador and Peru. It allows punters to transfer money to their online casino accounts without a card, fast and securely.

PagoEfectivo translates as “pay effectively” and it does precisely what the name indicates. If you seek a fast and trustworthy payment method at online casinos in Latin America, this financial instrument is the right choice. Popular in Peru and Ecuador, it uses an online code system to pay in cash at nearby payment points or through an Internet banking account. Deposits to online casinos are fast and secure, but punters need to use alternative payment methods to withdraw winnings.

PagoEfectivo is first and foremost an easy-to-use and effective banking option for punters who don’t want to use their credit and debit cards. The fact that it is only available in Latin American countries, more precisely in Ecuador and Peru means that it is a bit restrictive. The good news is that anyone can use it to quickly find an online casino account and it has gained a lot of traction in recent years. It can’t be used to withdraw winnings, but alternative payment methods are available to perform equally safe withdraws.

You don’t have to create a PagoEfectivo account and there’s no need to register a card either if you choose to use this payment method. Cryptocurrencies are not supported, but punters from Ecuador and Peru Deposit in their national currency without incurring exchange fees. Speaking of which, the payment method doesn’t have any fees or commission eating away at your winnings. You need to pay attention to potential fees when cashing using one of the alternative payment methods available.

Only deposits can be made using this banking option, but they are fast and reliable. Punters can pay cash using authorized payment points or transfer money straight from their Internet banking account. The latter is faster as it doesn’t require players to get to the payment point.

 How to make a deposit using PagoEfectivo

PagoEfectivo has gained a lot of traction in recent years as a payment method because of its simplicity and ease of use. If you want to make a deposit, you will be able to do it by following these three steps:

  1. Choose PagoEfectivo as the payment method of choice
  2. Indicate cash payment as the desired solution to deposit
  3. Enter your CIP code to complete the transaction

PagoEfectivo is a simple and effective payment method, so you shouldn’t be intimidated by the prospect of using a CIP code. This is a unique payment code that is automatically generated when you select this banking option for your online purchases. You will see it at the end of the purchase process when you make the cash payment and it will also be sent to you via email so you always have it readily available. This is all it takes to load PagoEfectivo with cash and use it to make a deposit at your online casino.

How to withdraw using PagoEfectivo

This payment method works great for deposits and can be used at most casinos in Ecuador and Peru. Unfortunately, it is less effective when it comes to cashing out winnings as he doesn’t work both ways. This poses a unique challenge for punters who have used it to load their accounts, as they need to find alternative banking options. The good news is that the casinos accepting this way to deposit will allow punters to cash out using one of the many popular payment methods.

E-wallets have emerged as the most popular payment method at online casinos, due to the short waiting time and the absence of fees. You can withdraw winnings in a matter of minutes if you have a verified account and you won’t have to enter credit or debit card information. This makes perfect sense since PagoEfectivo was designed precisely to provide punters with a convenient way of playing at online casinos without sharing a great deal of information about themselves.

Credit and debit cards as well as wire transfers can also be used to cash out winnings. Keep in mind that in order to initiate a withdrawal using any of these alternative banking options you need to have used it before to load your account. You will need to at least make a minimum deposit to activate the payment method before using it as an alternative cash-out solution for PagoEfectivo.

Safety & Security 

PagoEfectivo is regarded as a secure banking option at online casinos in Peru and Ecuador. In these countries, it is a licensed payment method, so punters can use it to securely load their online casino accounts. It also enjoys an excellent reputation in these countries, where it has been used for many years. Peruvian and Ecuadorian players regard it as a safe way to load their online casino accounts and have used both cash deposits and Internet banking alternatives.

In 2021, PagoEfectivo was acquired by Paysafe, as the international processor of online payments has expanded its foothold in Latin America. This adds a new layer of trustworthiness since Paysafe is licensed in the UK and the US as well as many other jurisdictions. The acquisition represented an important milestone for the company while making PagoEfectivo better known internationally.


Is it safe to use PagoEfectivo at online casinos?

This is a licensed payment method, acquired in 2018 by the internationally trusted Paysafe.

How do I deposit funds using PagoEfectivo?

Load PagoEfectivo with cash and indicate it as the payment method of choice to make a deposit

Are there many online casinos accepting PagoEfectivo?

You can use this payment method at most online casinos in Ecuador and Peru, and a few LATAM ones.

Can withdraw winnings via PagoEfectivo?

This payment method can only be used to deposit and you need to find alternative ways to withdraw.

Am I subject to any fees when using PagoEfectivo?

This payment method doesn’t incur any fees so you deposit the entire amount to the casino account.

Is PagoEfectivo an anonymous payment method?

You don’t have to share any personal information, so this is a highly private banking option.

Does PagoEfectivo accept cryptocurrencies?

Only fiat money can be used to load your PagoEfectivo payment method and use it to deposit.

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