Revolut is a money management service that encompasses pre-paid Visa or MasterCard, and a multipurpose mobile app to control it all.

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Revolut is a payment service that customers can use to send and receive funds online, or use the pre-paid debit card to purchase goods and services across the world. Founded in 2015, Revolut is based in the UK and has over 8 million users.

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Customers have access to a mobile app that takes minutes to download and start using. The app helps users to keep track of their spending and allows them to set up monthly budgets to help manage their funds. Instant notifications of spending ensure that the balance is always up to date.

Funds can be transferred in more than 30 currencies, including the most widely-accepted cryptocurrencies. A small fee applies over certain limits, or for transfers made at weekends. 

The Revolut service includes a pre-paid MasterCard or Visa, which can be used to withdraw from ATMs across the globe. It's free to use up to a limit of 200.00 per month, and small fees apply above this level. The Revolut card can be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted, which includes most online and mobile gambling sites.

Peer To Peer Payments

Instant transfers can be made to friends and family, either as one-off transfers or as regular payments. The app can be configured to control all aspects of a Revolut account, such as switching contactless mode on and off, allowing payments only from certain locations, and exchanging cryptocurrencies at preset rates. 

Revolut is promoted as a better way to manage money than traditional banking. It's fast, flexible, secure and rapidly increasing in popularity.

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