Jackpot Darts Progressive

Jackpot Darts Progressive

Aim for the Bullseye with Jackpot Darts!

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Fancy a game of darts? Maybe you’re the type of player who enjoys frequenting your favourite watering hole to throw a few darts at trip-20s or a couple of Bull’s-eyes? Well, Jackpot Darts is big on rewards and it’s available from the comforts of home. With jackpots hovering at over $300,000, this game is right up there with some of Playtech’s biggest progressive jackpot games. The $3 version of the game has the biggest progressive jackpots, but you can also enjoy proportionally lower jackpots by playing for lower stakes.

If you want to go for the progressive jackpot – who doesn’t right – then you will need to choose the right option and have all of your darts hit the Bullseye. This game differs considerably from standard darts games since there is no skill involved in hitting your target. The good news is that anyone can win at any time, because it’s all about the luck of the draw!


Jackpot Darts Progressive is characterised by random ‘throws’ of darts at the dartboard. There are multiple bet options available to players including the following:

  • Single Area Bets – bet on whether the darts will land on 1, 2 or 3 single areas
  • Doubles – bet on how many of the 3 darts will hit double sections on the board’s outer ring
  • Triples – bet on how many darts will hit the triples sections  in the inner-ring
  • Outer Bull – bet on how many of the darts will hit the outer section of the Bullseye
  • Inner Bull – bet on how many of the darts will hit the actual Bullseye
  • Low/Medium/High – bet on the estimated range of the total of all three darts
  • 1 – 20 Singles – bet on which 20 areas of the board the darts will land


There have been 2 recent jackpots recorded in Jackpot Darts $3. These include the following wins:

  • $301,317 on Monday 30 September 2013
  • $323,642 on  Monday the 25 July 2011

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