Megaball Progressive Jackpot

Megaball Progressive Jackpot

Pick 6 lottery balls and win the jackpot!

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Megaball Progressive Jackpot

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Megaball progressive jackpot is a fast-paced lottery-style game powered by Playtech gaming software. It’s a welcome diversion from run-of-the-mill slots games where players are constantly pulling levers to win prizes. This game provides you with plenty of options to mint it in style. To win the jackpot in Megaball Progressive you will need to guess all six balls drawn - just like a standard lottery game. Since it’s a progressive jackpot game, a portion of all wagers collected goes towards the jackpot. The jackpot seeds at $20,000.


Megaball is a lottery-style game where players will be presented with a set of 5 x Blue, Yellow, and Red balls. These will be numbered between 1 and 48. The game is really exciting to play, since players can tailor it to personal preferences.  Since there are so many options available to you in the game, you have carte blanche to enjoy it your way.

You simply choose the colour and the number of balls you’d like for each colour. You can even select a cocktail of colours. Next up, choose the colour of the 6th and final ball. You can choose whether you wish the balls to be selected in ascending or descending order.

If you opt for selecting numbers, pick your choice of 4 numbers you believe will be selected. You can even choose whether you believe the final ball will be lower or higher than the first ball drawn. You have the option to select the total sum of the 6 lottery balls in Megaball Progressive.


The Megaball Progressive Jackpot has not been regularly in a while. However that means the jackpot could be hit at any time. The average win has been well over $120,000 over the last 10 recent jackpots.

  • $123,606 was won on the 12 May 2012
  • $124, 275 was won on the  28 April 2012
  • $123, 606 was won on the 26 April 2012

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