Amatic Industries Casino Software and Games Provider Overview: Your Guide To 2023 Amatic Industries Online Casinos

Amatic Industries has been producing casino games for over 20 years; it now offers its games online through a unique gaming system that can be easily integrated to sites' existing platforms. On this page you can find the top Amatic Industries online casinos reviewed and ranked.

Austrian-based Amatic Industries is a veteran in the world of casino gaming; founded in 1993 by Mr. Reinhold Bauer, the company has been successfully combining state-of-the-art technology with unique casino products for over 20 years. While Amatic started out supplying physical casino games to land-based casinos, they have recently entered the world of online gaming, and they are bringing their 20+ years of experience with them.


Amatic is most well-known for its expertise in roulette, with its most famous product famous product, Roulette Grand Jeu. The Roulette Grand Jeu comes in different versions, including Double, 22WS, Prestige, Satellite and Solitair. 

Clients can also choose from Amatic's wide variety of other casino games, which includes a number of variations on slots, video slots, video poker and bingo. 

One of Amatic's more recent innovations is their MLT – Multi Lottery Terminal – which combines security, transparency and flexibility into one server-based gaming/video lottery terminal. All calculations are performed by the server, which means that the machine itself must only portray the game. It also comes with a unique customer-friendly platform geared towards increased customer acceptance.

Online Gaming

While Amatic started out producing machines for traditional casinos, Mr. Bauer quickly realized the demand for Amatic games on the internet. Therefore, Amatic now offers a Multi Remote Gaming System (MRGS) to its clients, which is an individual server on which they can securely run Amatic games. Every customer can connect the MRGS to their own gaming platform and configure the games to suit their own needs. Amatic also offers newcomers an Online Casino Management System, which allows them to create an online platform from scratch.

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