The Most Comprehensive Guide to n2-Live Casino Software and Games Provider of 2023

n2-Live focuses on the huge mobile gaming industry and provides some innovative solutions. Browse the top n2-Live online casinos reviewed and ranked.

n2-Live is an Asian-based mobile gaming solution with European-style tables. The Company provides 24/7 gaming services with thousands of players using the platform every day. There are currently four studios that operate including their Flagship Studio, Studio Romania, Studio Europe, and Studio Asia. Combined, these studios have the potential to serve thousands of players simultaneously for an exciting live dealer experience. 

Special Features

n2-Live features a ton of unique solutions that heighten the player, and the operator experience. For example, they feature a Native App with HTML5 games, Quick Play + Hot Table Deal, Private bet or table assignment, Jump bet & Indicator
Jump bet & Indicator, Lucky road setting and indicator, In-game deposit/fund request, Hot & Real-time pool feeding, 3 major types of baccarat game, Either and Perfect pair betting options, Hi-Mi-Lo video streaming tier support, Multiplayer level setting, In-game Bonus Cash and a Comp point system, Single and Fund transfer wallet support, Simultaneous bet up to 4 games, 10+ bonus options with "surprise" type, Player lucky chip customization, Operator skin customization, All or Targeted platform push notification, Up to 20 chipsets for player customization, Indoor/outdoor mode, Trial play support (HTML 5), and a battery-saver mode.

The Company continues to churn out new tables and new games. Recently, they have released new Blackjack games, Poker, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Roulette, and more. The games look great on mobile devices and can be accessed anywhere in iGaming jurisdictions and from devices running iOS or Android. There is a web version too for players that prefer to play from a PC or Laptop computer.

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