The Most Comprehensive Guide to Pariplay Casino Software and Games Provider of 2023

Pariplay Limited is an iGaming software provider that uses the newest technologies available. Browse the top Pariplay online casinos reviewed and ranked.

Pariplay calls themselves builders, doers, solution-driven, and adaptable – and it is all true. As a top-performing technology company that deals with the newest and freshest iGaming technologies, Pariplay is the leader in its niche. Their expertise is in fixed-odds technology, which means they convert games into predictable odds ones as well as create customized games into a fixed-odds version all made with their distinct expert touch.

Pariplay focuses on providing real gaming solutions for the growing market for iGaming with swiftness, determination, and precision. Their executive team has in-depth experience in iGaming, which means they do know what they are doing and can provide what they market as their service. The service that they do in converting unpredictable games into fixed-odds ones helps operators keep a profitable system that is fair to the players.

How does Pariplay do all the above? The company has its own in-house developed platform system which helps them avoid problems from the past versions of the games and they use their own technology to create unique designed games for their clients and partners. Their combined expertise and knowledge of the industry make them the obvious choice if one is looking for a company that deals with Social Gaming, iGaming, and iLottery.

The games made by Pariplay have content that can be localized into twelve different languages. In fact, their entire library of games can be easily localized into any of those twelve languages at a simple command. Pariplay is a one-stop-shop for those who have customization needs for their Social Gaming, iGaming, and iLottery games.

Pariplay Boosts Player Retention with the Raffle Rocket Tool

The much-anticipated Raffle Rocket tool from Aspire Global’s Pariplay Ltd was officially released this November. Partner casinos can already use it to improve the engagement levels of their players and create immersive campaigns. The innovative instrument is available across the Fusion™ platform, helping casinos set up Wager, Win, and Win Ratio-based raffles. In conjunction with the supplier’s Tournaments, Real-Time Leaderboard, and the Spin That Wheel™ tools, it can greatly increase customer retention.

Partner casinos can reap the benefits of the Raffle Rocket tool immediately, as it doesn’t require additional integration. This enables them to create customized campaigns that meet very specific expectations. A user-friendly and adaptable interface suitable for portrait and landscape modes is also available. Pariplay also made sure that its latest engagement tool was designed to fit different regulations. This enables casinos to boost the player experience while fully complying with existing laws.

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