Xplosive Slots Casino Software and Games Provider Overview: Your Guide To 2023 Xplosive Slots Online Casinos

Xplosive Slots feature more than 15 recognizable but distinctive titles, looking to claim their own place in the online gambling industry. Browse the top Xplosive Slots online casinos reviewed and ranked.

Developed by BlueOcean Gaming, Xplosive Slots are a sub-brand of this game developer. BlueOcean decided to release a series of their new slots under the new, standalone brand to give them more exposure and try to attract more attention to their titles.

What Makes Xplosive Slots Special?

BlueOcean Gaming has developed many top-quality casino games and software solutions over the years. However, when they started developing Xplosive Slots in 2015, they decided to release them under a new brand, hoping the games would become successful enough in their own right.

The development team has put a lot of effort in designing and dispatching these new titles, giving company the necessary confidence to try and launch a subsidiary called Xplosive Slots, which would become a standalone name in the iGaming industry.

Xplosive Slots Titles

Since 2015, there's been more than 15 titles released under the Xplosive Slots brand. These include Aztecos, Robin the Good, Treasure Hunt, Wild Princess, Spartan Heroes, and Wonders of Egypt.

Some common denominators for all Xplosive Slots' titles are the colorful graphics and nice animations, ensuring a memorable gaming experience. At the first glance, all games look similar, which was probably done on purpose to give the new brand more coherence and help it stick with the players. Sound patterns are also very similar for all the base wins, so once you've played a few Xplosive Slots titles, you'll have no problems recognizing them in the crowd.

All these similarities don't make Xplosive Slots titles boring or repetitive, however, as every game features a different number of paylines, distinctive symbols, and interesting features, ensuring every slot is a brand new adventure.

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