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NBA season is coming up

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the NBA season is opening, anyone noticed any interesting promotions?


Yeap its starting tomorrow :) very excited about it 

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    • Hello DanielVenegasDachelet,  Thank you for reporting this issue. We're sorry to hear about your recent gaming experience and wanted to let you know that we've forwarded your post to the casino operator.  We'll update you the moment we have an answer. Please also send our contact email address your player ID /or email. Thank you for your patience. OCR Moderator 
    • Also, please send your player ID/email to our email. OCR Moderator 
    • Dear, on July 1 of this year I made a deposit of 1000 dollars. RichCasino offered me a bonus of 3000 dollars more to play, therefore I would play with 4000 in total. I read the rules before starting to play. I had to play 35 times 4000. I started to win, when I went with a balance around 25000 the bonus was released and it was automatically transferred to the real money balance. In the following days I continued playing and I won a jackpot of 72,000 dollars. When I had 104,000 I decided to stop and collect my prize. I made the withdrawal of 4000, since they have a withdrawal rule of 4000 a week, then they asked me for all the documentation, my passport, my cards, proof of address, etc ... They canceled my withdrawal twice, while they asked me for more documents. Finally at the third withdrawal attempt, they inform me that I did not violate a maximum bet rule, where I could not play more than 5 dollars as a maximum bet while the bonus lasted. Rule that did not exist before. I have video recorded the rules before and after the change. Even now they made disappear my record of plays where my winnings clearly appeared one by one. my balance and the bet number. Fortunately I also taxed them before they were erased. It seems to me that they simply did not want to pay me because it was a lot of money, it seems like a scam, and it is even clearer the casino's intentions of not paying, by erasing all the evidences that prove their faults. please I need your help so that they pay me my money. If I do not get an answer, I'll go further, and I'll make a claim. I need help also to gather background about Rich casino.
    • Hello Izobe11e,  Unfortunately so far we heard nothing from the operator about your reply. This case will stay for now under stats NOT RESOLVED and hope that this status will change in the near future.  We'll send another followup to the operator and request to respond in order to get this case resolved.   OCR Moderator