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Biggest Losses


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I always hear about everyone's wins.

Before Christmas I lost £1000 on slots and I still feel sick about it. I actually think it would be really helpful if people discussed loosing on gambling forums, as well as winning. I have since taken a step back and this is now me coming back to things after a break. I used to play smaller amounts £30 at 50p a spin. But chasing losses (something you should never do, but it's hard) caused me to deposit more and more and increase bets to £2.50 a spin. Ploughing so much money in, I thought it HAD to pay out.

A new year and a new start, again I shall only be playing this as 'entertainment'. I don't go out much so for me depositing £20 or £30 and playing slots is a 'night out' ... and probably cheaper too!


Anyone care to share their big losses?


I have to say however, that even with loosing that £1000, I was still up a few hundred on the whole year (I keep track), however still couldn't afford to lose it!

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