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22Bet.com Winnings Confiscation [NOT RESOLVED]

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I registered with 22Bet.com on 12/06/2018 and I made two £200.00 deposits the same day. I then placed a total of over 750 bets with 22Bet.com over the next 6 weeks, and by 13/07/2018 I had ran my balance up to £21,137.74 and I had requested a withdrawal of my full balance, and I was asked for documents, all of which I sent to them, and then after sending them all of the required documents, they e-mailed me on 25/07/2018 saying they are closing my account and confiscating my winnings and only refunding my deposits, bringing my balance from £21,137.74 down to £400.00. This is the e-mail they sent to me:

"Good Day. We are bringing to your notice that we made a decision to stop any collaboration with you (closing your gaming account) on the basis of General Terms and Conditions of the Bookmaker Company:
Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to the bookmaker (such as the registration of multiple accounts, the use of automated betting software, arbitrage betting, if the betting account is not used for betting, the improper use of loyalty schemes, etc.), the bookmaker reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by:
-bet cancellation;
-closure of the customer’s account with the balance being refunded;
-filing a claim to a law-enforcement agency.
Effective as of 1 January 2011
The decision was made after rigorous investigation of the case by The Security Department.
We ask you not to create gaming accounts with The Company. Please, notice, that all the accounts created again in the system will be closed,bets will be annulled, deposited funds will be in hold and used on the expenses related with the investigation and blocking.
Due to the fact that your actions have been recognized as flagrant violation of The T&Cs of our Company, the decision of stopping any cooperation with you was final and not subject to further appeal.
All further questions concerning the case of blocking from your side will be ignored.
You can withdraw the deposited sum only.”

This is not on and it is completely and utterly unacceptable and needs to be resolved. I've not done anything mentioned in their vague copy and paste terms and conditions crap e-mail and I've e-mailed them subsequently asking exactly what they are trying to say I've done wrong and they haven't replied at all, which says it all really, I haven't done anything wrong and that's it, this is scam and fraud behaviour from 22Bet.com and they need to pay me my winnings. I've not done anything wrong whatsoever, I simply won some money fairly and there is absolutely no reason, grounds or justification whatsoever for them to confiscate my winnings.

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We're sorry to hear about your experience and we've forwarded your post to the casino. 

We'll update you the moment we have an answer.

Thank you for your patience.

OCR Moderator 

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    • Hello,

      We hope this message finds you well. 

      According to the information on your account, the Accounting team needed you to confirm the payment method details before being able to review the payout request, as per the following rule that can be found on the Banking Page:

      Tangiers Casino solicits from all Members the corresponding information of their preferred withdrawal method via email to accounting@tangierscasino.com

      Your latest withdrawal request has been unfortunately declined due to the Verification Process. The Verification Process falls into place for accounts with pending payouts and is a standard procedure that can be performed up to twice per year.

      During this process, Security and Management will thoroughly review the account and all account activity during this additional verification, as well as the documents that you have previously sent. Please note that the Verification Process takes place in order to ensure that the withdrawal process is smooth and safe for all our customers.

      We noticed that you have then made 2 new withdrawals of AUD 4000, out of which one has already been approved and will reach your account in up to maximum 7 business days, as per the weekly withdrawal limit, while the other is pending to be reviewed.

      Should you need additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

      Kind regards,
      The Tangiers Casino team
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