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Bao casino blocked my account for no reason [ENDED]

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Hello all. I would like to ask you to help me with an unfair situation. I played in Bao casino for first time and I won a reasonable amount of money. Imagine how lucky I felt. But it did not last for long. Casino requested verification right away. It is not a problem for me, I sent everything they requested and even we had a Skype call which was very long. Need to say that it was especially difficult for me considering the fact that I am a Spanish speaking person and casino does not provide support in Spanish. I was using Google translator and I thought the call went well. Not long after that I received an email telling that I did not pass their verification procedure. I think it is not fair as I met all the ruquirements. I sent a lot of documents and we had a conversation. What else does casino need to verify me? If I new that casino is a scam I would not play there on the first place. Now I lost the money and a lot of time so I want justice. Thank you for considering my request.


P.S. Do you provide support in Spanish? I would be so much easier for me to follow up. 

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We're sorry to hear about your recent gaming experience and wanted to let you know that we'll forward your post to the casino operator requesting their support.

Please also send our contact email address your player ID /or email.


We can only communicate in English.

Thank you for your patience.

OCR Moderator 

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Dear Terminator and Admin,

The Company has a strict anti-fraud policy and utilizes various anti-fraud tools and techniques to prevent attempts of fraud.

When the user raised concerns in our security team, we decided to ask him to go through the additional Skype verification to verify his account. We care a lot for the security of our players and always try to make the playing environment at our casino safe and fair.

We requested the verification on 11th of July but could make the call only on the 19th of July since the player was not replying to our emails and could not provide his Skype name for a long time.

We would like to emphasize that we provide support in English, but when the player informed that he didn't speak English, we held the Skype verification in Spanish, using the Google translator. 
However, it was not a problem for us to understand what the player was saying since we could translate his answers just the same way we translated our questions to him.

After the Skype verification and additional checks, we have received an answer from Antifraud Team that the player is highly suspicious, and there is a high probability that he was not the one who was playing at our casino.

We sent all the details and proof of all the above-mentioned to the team of Onlinecasinoreports.

Best regards, 
Bao Casino Team

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To start with, the call verification in Bao casino is very doubtful procedure. Casino does not have Spanish support and they found a very interesting way out. They talked in English to translator on the phone and I listened to Spanish translation. Same way I was speaking Spanish to the translator. The call lasted for almost an hour. They were asking me very specific questions that I doubt every person that played in casino would answer. It looked like they were trying to find the question to which I do not have an answer.  Considering the language barrier and really long conversation casino should have verified me without any suspicions. 
What do you even mean by

On 8/9/2019 at 1:52 PM, BaoCasino said:

the player is highly suspicious

? Your huge reply that does not contain any specific information. 


On 8/9/2019 at 1:52 PM, BaoCasino said:

We requested the verification on 11th of July but could make the call only on the 19th of July since the player was not replying to our emails and could not provide his Skype name for a long time.

I haven't use Skype before and I created the account only for your verification call. Plus, I am not just sitting at home doing nothing. I am a working person and I needed to find time for your call. Thank God I did that  as you wasted so much of my time!

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Dear Terminator and Admin,

We deem security matters to be extremely important in the industry of online gambling. For this reason, as we already mentioned, we utilize various anti-fraud tools and techniques to prevent attempts of fraud.

In this particular case, after the additional verification procedure we made sure that the Skype call record was checked by the anti fraud team, and the instruction that we received from them was to confiscate the player's winnings and to close his account permanently. We have provided the team of Online Casino Reports with the reasons and details of the unsuccessful verification, and hope that this complaint will be closed as soon as possible. 

In case the team needs additional details, we would be happy to provide whatever is necessary.

Kind regards,

Bao Casino Team


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This is ridiculous and unfair. Stop claiming that it is all about security of my account. It is all about finding reason not to pay money to players. Yeah, let me question any other person in the world for a whole hour about something they know perfectly and I will find the reason to claim that this person is a fraud!! I will wait for mediator's reply. 

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For the avoidance of doubt, the OnlineCasinoReports forum serves as a platform for players and operators to communicate and resolved disputes and issues. 

The involved sides are to reach a resolution independently.

It should be clear that OnlineCasinoReports does not actively intervene in the matter discussed. 
However, we do follow repeated complaints on our forum and based on the general history of complains brought upon against an involved operator, OnlineCasinoReports reserves the right to act with the tools at its disposal including but not limited to:
•    Warning issued to the operator 
•    Decrease of rating 
•    Blacklisting of an operator 

OnlineCasinoReports has and will continue to serve as a platform where players’ voices will be heard and addressed. 

We thank you for bringing this matter to our knowledge and we’ll keep monitoring the discussed issue.

OCR Moderator 

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