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dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros [NOT RESOLVED]


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dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros and I beg you to help me.
I registered at dozenspins.com on 10/24/2020 and made a deposit via skrill 20 euros, then I made a deposit of 300 euros and after that my deposit was 1000 euros. In total, I made a deposit of 1320 euros. I didn't take any bonuses, free bets, free spins, I played only with my own money. I played with them and won € 2781 and my total balance was € 4101.

After that, the support service repeatedly asked me for a passport photo, screenshot screenshots, video recording of the screen as I enter my Skrill and open a page with linked bank cards and transaction history for the last 3 months, a copy of utility bills, a selfie with a passport in front of their website I immediately sent all the documents to them.

After sending all the photos, screenshots and video from the screen, I received an email from them:

"When checking your login, a violation of paragraph 1.21 of the rules was revealed: Clients can only place bets individually, group bets are not allowed. Repeated bets on the same results / winners from the same or different clients may subsequently be invalidated. Even after the official result of the competition / athletes is already known, the platform may invalidate the indicated bets if it considers that the clients are acting in collusion or as a syndicate, or the bets in question were made by one or more clients within a short period of time.
Your winnings have been canceled for violation of this paragraph of the rules.
Your deposit of 1000 EUR is returned to your game balance. "

They canceled all my winnings and refunded a portion of my deposit. An interesting fact is that in the history all bets are calculated correctly and there are no canceled or canceled bets. They just wrote off all my winnings from my balance.
But I did not violate anything, I played only from my computer and have nothing to do with their accusations. I thought it was some kind of mistake and answered them with a letter with screenshots from my account history.

Here is the answer from dozenspins.com:

"The violation was revealed by the platform providing the betting service.
There is no mistake.
The administration went to meet you and did not block your game login, and also returned your last deposit in the amount of 1000 EUR to the game balance, since you unfortunately lost the last two deposits.
We value our reputation and always for fair play and quality service.
For this reason, at the moment, the administration of the project issued a warning about the fairness of the game on your part.
If you wish, you can contact the authorities at your request. In this case, the Risk Department will provide a full package of documents from the platform with evidence of violation of the project rules.
At the moment, your game account is active and the withdrawal of funds is also available to you according to the rules of the project. "

After that, I realized that all the signs of fraud on the part of the casino are visible here and I wanted to withdraw at least something from my balance and then complain about them and demand to return my winnings. I made a request to pay out 1000 euros for Skrill, but the next day I received a letter from them:

"We inform you that your request for withdrawal of funds in the amount of 1000 EUR has been canceled by our Finance Department.
Please note that in order to withdraw funds, you need to place a bet on the total amount of your initial deposit at least three times.
At the moment, your deposit roll is 0 out of 3000 EUR. "

I wanted to talk and called the phone number that is indicated in their contacts section +356 3550 0490. However, I kept getting "Wrong dialed number" all the time. I called from my phone number, on different days, at different hours, but I constantly heard "Wrong dialed number" and I never got through to them.

I am ready to provide any documents for verification, go through any checks by Skype or phone. I am also ready to accept payments to my personal bank account or bank card. If dozenspins.com has representative offices in the CIS countries, I am ready to personally come to their office with a passport and any documents.

They promised to provide "evidence" of my violations, but I ask you to carefully consider their "evidence". I absolutely did not break any rules, I just managed to win and I am sure that they are ready to go to great lengths not to pay me.

Please help me to get all the money from dozenspins.com. I really count on your help and want to receive from them all my winnings of 4101 euros.

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  • Admin changed the title to dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros [PENDING]
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Thank you for reporting about your issue. We're sorry to hear about your recent gaming experience.

In order for us to forward your complaint to the casino operator and start the process, please make sure to send us via email your player ID and email address used for the account. 


OCR Moderator 

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  • Admin changed the title to dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros [IN PROGRESS]

After a long investigation by the casino, as well as the Licensing department, a decision was made on this player: RAMANAH89.

1. All deposits made on this casino website, returned to the player to his payment method in full.

2. According to the rules and conditions of the casino 3.34:
3.34 Dozenspins reserves the right to invalidate the concluded betting agreement (including the one concluded before or after the event), to refuse to fulfill the obligations under such agreement (including refusal to pay any winnings), or to return any paid bet in case:
- The Gaming Account is used for playing in arbitrage situations;
The Dozenspins administration has the right to declare such bets null and void and block the Customer's account.

Based on general rules and conditions of the project:
14.9. In case of any violation of the rules during using the site and its services, or in case of any suspicion of fraud and other illegal actions from the player’s side, the Operator has the right to close the existing player’s gaming account and to follow a message to the player about the account closure. In regard of any alternative dispute resolutions, the Dozenspins administration is ready to provide with the necessary information indicating the reasons to the Third parties involved in resolving the dispute.

- If Dozenspins administration makes a decision to close the user`s account or if a user on his own make such decision and send an appropriate request to Dozenspins Customer Service Department, the full balance will be paid out unless the user is not suspected in any illegal and/or forbidden (e.g. Arbitrage, etc.) activities.

Based on this paragraph of the rules the player's winnings are canceled, the player's deposits are returned to the same payment method, and the game account is closed without the right to open it.

This decision is final and will not be reviewed.

The Casino is not responsible for opening a new account with you or any losses you may incur after opening a new account. We reserve the right to close an account that was created in violation of these rules at any time.

RAMANAH89 - You are not allowed to play on this casino site, as well as on the partner sites specified in the license.

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  • Admin changed the title to dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros [RESOLVED]

Once again, the answer from the official representative without any evidence, and also once again the answer contains contradictions and, following his own traditions, the official representative totally ignores the arguments of mine and other members of the forum. You are confused about your own rules. I analyzed each of your answers and this post will not be an exception. First, I just want to say that you only make yourself worse every time. Your final answer is the point of no return, regardless of how events unfold in the future. In the worst case, I will not receive my winnings, in the best case, YOU will get a bad reputation everywhere and replenish the blacklists, in the worst case YOUR dozenspins project will cease to exist (it's only a matter of time).


"1. All deposits made on this casino site are returned to the player by his payment method in full."

At what cost? Initially, you returned only 1000 to my balance and then told me to scroll it 3x before withdrawing, but after complaints, they paid it to me. After a month of publicity and numerous complaints, you returned the remainder of the € 320 deposit to me. However, present all this as if the deposits were immediately paid to me.


"2. In connection with violation of clause 1.26 (sports betting): Dozenspins reserves the right to invalidate the concluded betting agreement (including the one concluded before or after the start of the event), refuse to fulfill the obligations under such an agreement (including refuse to pay any winnings) or refund any bet made, if : • The game account is used to play in arbitration situations; "


Once again, you write about sports betting, but you confiscated ALL winnings from sports and from the casino.


"According to the general terms and conditions of Dozenspins, the player's RAMANAH89 account is blocked, without the right to restore, according to clause 11.9: In case of violation of the rules for using the site and its services, or if there is suspicion of fraud and other illegal actions on the part of the player, the Operator reserves the right to close the player's game account and send the player a message about the closure of the account. In the event of a dispute, the Dozenspins Administration is ready to provide the necessary information indicating the reasons to the Third Party participating in the resolution of the dispute. "


An excellent excuse to collect winnings. Suspicion is enough to not pay the winnings and you have not provided any evidence. I wrote earlier about the absurdity of your accusation of arbitration rates on me. It would sound more convincing if I hadn't played in slots and you wrote that I bet all 13 bets on arbitration events, not 2 out of 13. Where is the evidence? "

- If the administration decides to close the user's account, or the user sends a request to the Support Service, a refund from the user's account will be made only if the account owner was not suspected of fraudulent activity. If the user was suspected in such activities, all winnings will be forfeited and the account balance will be refunded, minus the administration fee. "


If you accuse me of fraud, why didn't you charge me an administrative fee? Or are you scammers in this case, and now you are trying to adjust your own rules (not entirely successfully) to justify your actions? You are confused again. "This decision is final and will not be revised."


We'll see. "The casino is not responsible for your opening a new account and any losses that you may incur after opening a new account. We reserve the right at any time to close an account that was created in violation of these rules.


RAMANAH89 - You are prohibited from playing on this casino site, as well as on the sites of partners specified in the license. "


Do you really think that after all that has happened, I will go play with your partners?

Do you really think I will ever ask you to unblock my account?

dozenspins.com SCAMS!

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I strongly disagree with dozenspins' solution. I have not received any response from the licensee to my complaint, so I have every reason to believe that this is only your decision.

Above dozenspins write that if the rates were recognized as arbitrage, then they can invalidate SUCH BETS. Earlier they wrote that they recognized 2 of my bets of 13 bets as arbitrage, but they confiscated all winnings from all bets in sports and all winnings from casino bets in slots.


You say that 2 of my bets were on arbitrage events. Perhaps this is true and this is just an accident and an absurd coincidence. After all, I played with you for a long time in casino slots having made 1600 bets and made other bets on sports 13 bets. Make these 2 bets void and pay me my winnings on all other sports bets and all casino winnings.

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I suggested a compromise. Although I deliberately did not bet on arbitrage events, I can assume that this is a ridiculous coincidence and agree that you void these 2 sports bets and pay me all winnings on all other casino and sports bets.


Dozenspins is clearly cheating, I would like you to review and downgrade dozenspins.com rating or add dozenspins.com to the blacklist. To prevent other players from losing their money at dozenspins.com

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4 hours ago, Admin said:

Hello RAMANAH89, 

If you have any new evidence that could prove your claims please email us as soon as possible so we can check it out.

Types of evidence can be, screenshots, correspondence via chats or emails with support team, etc.,


OCR Moderator


The full version with all the evidence has been sent to you by email.

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  • Admin changed the title to dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros [IN PROGRESS]

After looking into the new evidence provided us by the player and operator we've come in to conclusion that the act taken against the player was too drastic, confiscating casino winnings which are not related to sports is not the "optimal" solution...  

The operator could have a settled on a solution in which the player will be paid the casino related funds before limiting his access.

For the meanwhile, we're leaving this case still in progress and looking forward to the operator to resolve the situation.


OCR Moderator



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  • Admin changed the title to dozenspins.com took all my winnings 3101 euros [NOT RESOLVED]
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