Sport Bet Types: Basketball

Sport Bet Types: Basketball

In contrast to football, basketball is a straight forward game. Still, you need to get familiar with the three main bet types before getting to business.

Topics Addressed

  • Money Line
  • Over/Under
  • Point Spread
  • Special Bets

Unlike football,basketball is a much simpler game to bet on. The draw result is not an option and no matter what - there clear winners and losers. This, naturally,simplifies the betting process.

This simplification forces the bookies to alter their bet types a bit, and get down to the details.That is why we'll see bets regarding the number of points scored in total,number of points scored by player, number of fouls committed in a game and soon. As we said before - there is no limit on the bet types, as the bookie can open a line for whatever he sees fit. We will try to focus on the more common bet types, which you will surely run into when visiting an online bookie.

Before we start we wish to state that unlike football, in basketball overtime is taken in to account. This means that the final score, after as many overtimes as needed,applies, while the final score of regular time is obsolete.

Let's check the 3 major bet types:

Money Line

We start with this bet,even though it is not common as the ones which will follow. We're doing this because it's time simplest one. In "Money Line" you need to try and hit on the winner of the match. The margin between the teams is not important;the number of points scored is irrelevant. Just pick the winner and keep your fingers crossed.

Upside: It is rather easy to hit on the winner.
Downside: This is not too common and in general, the odds for this type of bet will be relatively low.


You should be aware that some bookies prefer to call this bet "Totals".
At first glance this looks an easy bet. All you need is to try and guess whether the total points that will be scored in the match will be higher or lower than the amount set by the bookie. Still - it is a tricky bet which you must think twice before placing your money on the line.

The reason for that is not gambling-related but sports-related. In most cases, the bookie will set the total amount of points to be quite high, so you will need a high scoring game with both teams scoring high. True, you will find bets where a 75-73 score will suffice, but these are rare and will be seen only when the two teams are well known for their inability to make the shot... Therefore, you will have to take a good look at a list of statistic information regarding the teams involved.Sounds easy?

Well, let's start counting - You need to check the teams' rosters; look into the injured players list; check their current form; and even look at past meetings between the two(to learn if one team finds it hard to cope with the defensive methods of the other).In other words - there are a lot of variants which affect this bet and you have to take them all into account. There are cases when it is just not worth it.

Needless to say that you don't have to check this list, but we assume that your goal is to reduce the risk as much as possible and we elaborate accordingly.

Upside: A straight forward bet. No "I didn't understand the rules" excuses will be accepted.
Downside: You need both teams to perform. If just one of them plays poorly - your chances to win this one are slim.

Point Spread

The "Point Spread"is just a different way to say "Handicap." In this type of bet the bookie chooses to give one of the teams an advantage before the match starts.

We have an example ready: Let's say that the Los Angeles Lakers play the Boston Celtics. Since the Celtics are favourites for the match, the bookie gives the man 8 point handicap. Therefore:

Los Angeles Lakers(+8) vs. Boston Celtics (-8)

If you chose to place your on Boston, you will win the bet only if Boston wins the match by more than8 points. Betting on the Lakers would be a successful one if they win or,alternatively, lose by 7 points or less.

What happens is The Celtics win by 8? In this case the handicap is canceled, the bet is declared void and the stakes are refunded. In other words - you neither win nor lose.

You should be aware that in a lot of cases, the handicap will come in the form of half-point (Lakers-8.5). The consequence of this minor change is the elimination of the last option, where the stakes are refunded. You can either win or lose. That's it.

Special Bets

These three types make the majority of basketball bet types. As we said - this is a simpler game than football. Nevertheless, there are a lot more bet types you can find, some more common than the others, but we saw no point in elaborating on bet types such as"Will the game get to overtime? Yes/No" or "In which quarter will the highest score will be recorded?" because... well, there's nothing to explain here. If you're into these kinds of bets, just search for the "Special"section in your online bookie's website.

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