Sports Betting Basics for Rookies

Sports Betting Basics for Rookies

A Short Sports Betting Jargon Buster.

Topics Addressed

  • Win Bet
  • Place Bet
  • Each Way
  • Single Bets or Multiple Bets
  • Accumulators or Parlay
  • Straight Up bets

The world of sports betting is full of an amazing amount of jargon which can be off putting for some. Below we demystify some of the terms you will come across on sportsbook sites and online casinos.

If you are new to online gambling then you may be left scratching your head - save your blushes and learn the basics of betting right here.

Betting Terms

You can bet in several ways.

1. A ‘Win Bet' is for your ‘selection' - that is, your horse, team, athlete etc. - to come first. A ‘Win Bet' can be played on a single or multiple bets.

2. Alternatively you can make a ‘Place Bet', which means your selection needs to finish within a preset number of positions in an event, for example in the first three. The odds for this bet are lower and are normally expressed as a fraction; you might win a fifth of the odds if you get any of the top three places.

3. There is also a combination of the above two bets, which is called ‘Each Way'. This bet is automatically split into two 50:50 stakes with the odds for each being different. If your selection wins then you win both bets - the ‘Win' and ‘Place' bets. Alternatively you may just win the ‘Place' bet only.

4. You can also bet on one selection to win or multiple selections. These are called ‘Single Bets' or ‘Multiple Bets'. Multiple bets are split down further, for example, a ‘double' or a ‘treble'. These all describe the number of selections which you bet upon for a win.

5. ‘Accumulators', also called ‘Parlay', are a multiple bet where the winnings from the first bet fund the stake for the second and so on. If at any point a bet is lost then the accumulator falls through and the whole bet is lost.

6. Multiple and Accumulator Bets are known as ‘Straight Up' bets; all individual bets must be won in order to gain a return.

Don't be put off by all the sports betting jargon. Once you've been pointed in the right direction you'll soon get to grips with the jargon and speak like a pro yourself!

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