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Gambling in Germany is legal but the regulations and licensing requirements are stricter compared to other European nations.  Each state within Germany has its own gambling regulations but despite the fact that the regulations are stringent the German gambling industry is doing very well in terms of land-based casino gambling.  In 2008, all online casinos and online gambling providers were banned and considered to be illegal. 

German and European Union gambling laws contradict each other because the EU allows online gambling while Germany has more restrictive regulations in regards to gambling.  Since online gambling was outlawed in Germany, the European Union has tried to make Germany liberalize its gambling laws but the German government has not budged on the matter.  However, there is still hope that Germany may decide to lift its ban on online gaming one day. 

One of the German states passed a gambling bill that would allow online gambling and this may be the start of a new era in the German gambling industry.  The first online casino in this German state opened in March of 2012.  While this has not opened the entire German market it has created an environment for expansion into other German states and possibly Germany as a whole.  Experts believe that this legislation is a breakthrough and other German states will soon follow.  In addition, other German states may allow their citizens to play at online casinos without creating their own online casinos.  Through this practice, it is probable that the other German states will decide to legalize online gambling and online casinos – a feat that the EU has been trying to accomplish for some time.

Germany licensed Online Casinos

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