Online gambling in Montenegro is regulated by the government-backed Montenegro Games of Chance Administration.

Online gambling in Montenegro has been made legal in 2011 and the country has been issuing online gambling licenses since 2012. All gambling operators in the country are licensed and regulated by the Games of Chance Administration, which is a government body established for this very purpose.

With the regulation of online gambling, the Administration took over the licensing process for internet casinos as well. Thus, those looking to set up a legal gambling site catering to Montenegro players need to apply with and be verified by the Games of Chance Administration before they can initiate their operations.

Online Gambling Licenses in Montenegro

 Companies need to adhere to very strict laws and regulation to get an online gambling license in the country. First of all, all operators must establish a physical presence in Montenegro by setting up a company in the country.

Secondly, online gambling licenses are issued only to those companies that are already approved to offer games of chance. Thus, interactive operators must first acquire this license, or they can partner up with an existing land-based casino.

After meeting these requirements, the company can apply for a Montenegro online gambling license. The application fee is €25,000 and the process entails in-depth checks and verifications to ensure the applicant meets all the conditions, including having hardware based in the country, which at least contains the player database.

There are additional costs connected to acquiring the Montenegro online gambling license, though. The total cost to get things up and running is likely to be in the vicinity of €300,000.

Once issued, the license covers all different aspects of online gambling, including casino games, poker, sports betting, eSports, and more. The process usually takes anywhere from two to four months, depending on the initial filing and whether there are any additional documents requested by the Games of Chance Administration.

Advantages of the Montenegro Online Gambling License

Although the number of operators currently featuring the Montenegro gambling license is small, there are quite a few advantages to consider. First of all, the license is effectively provided by the country’s government, which makes it much more solid and trustworthy than many licenses provided by third-party, independent regulators.

Secondly, Montenegro offers a very good business climate, with a very low corporate tax of just 9%, no VAT, and many other advantages. So, for serious companies, establishing a shop here can be a very lucrative endeavor.

The process of establishing the company and setting up bank accounts for a gambling business in the country comes with its own set of challenges. However, once completed, companies can conduct their business in a really favorable environment.

Montenegro licensed Online Casinos

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