What you need to know about casino licensing in Nevada.

In Nevada, all gambling – both land-based and online is regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission.  Online gambling is new in Nevada so new regulations had to be created in order to regulate online gambling entities.  This state governmental agency sets requirements that must be met in order for casinos to get their licensing.  In addition, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is also involved with licensing casinos.  This gambling commission was founded by the Nevada Legislature in 1959. 

The Nevada Gaming Commission is tasked with granting licenses, handing down rulings on cases that are submitted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and administering licenses.  This commission has just 5 members which are appointed by the Governor of Nevada.  The members of this commission serve part-time for a 4-year term. 

There are a wide range of approvals and licenses that are given by the commission.  One of the primary types of licenses includes restricted gaming licenses.  This license allows the provider to operate 15 or less gaming devices at a particular location and this type of license prohibits the provider from offering table games.  The number of restricted licenses changes every month but usually Clark County has about 2,000 restricted licenses and approximately 15,000 slot machines. 

The commission also offers a non-restricted gaming license.  An operator that receives one of these licenses can have 16 or more slot machines and the property can have race book, sports pool, any type of gaming device and table games in a single location.  Recently, the licensing had to be revised in order to accommodate online gambling entities since the legalization of online gambling in Nevada. 

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