Arcadem is the brainchild of two friends in Malta, in 2020. Built on partnership, forged in trust, and delivered with aplomb, Arcadem's games fuse the best elements of business and friendship. Arcadem is the new face of interactive casino gaming!

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Arcadem is an innovative online casino games developer with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company is dedicated to its stakeholders, including partners, clients, and customers. By pooling their knowledge, the brains trust behind Arcadem are able to deliver masterful creations through collaborative efforts. The company embraces ideation in a multicultural milieu.

Arcadem is fully compliant with local and regional gaming legislation in many different jurisdictions. It is operational in Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. To date, the global audience for Arcadem’s range of games enjoys an estimated 108,000 games played throughout the year, thanks to fully immersive gaming, cutting-edge tech, and a player-centric approach to operations.

Arcadem Gaming Variety

As a new entrant to the competitive casino games development arena, Arcadem already boasts an impressive resume of casino games. These include Evil Elf (with the mischievous Frostberries), The Neon Samurai: Kawa, and two dazzling soon-to-be-released titles in the form of Tap House (Where the Service Always Stands and Delivers), and Starfang.

The leaders behind Arcadem include Manchester-born Philip Douglas, and Swedish-born Christian Hellman. Both of these executives are avid gamers, with extensive industry experience. They believe in a process-driven flow, encompassing the development of novel concepts and game ideas, the algorithmic functionality associated with building online casino games, and the graphical design and user interface for creating immersive games.

Arcadem Online Casinos

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