Relax Gaming Software and Features Overview: 2023 Reviews of Relax Gaming Igaming Sites

Relax Gaming develops and maintains online casino, bingo and poker software for online gambling operators. Browse the top Relax Gaming igaming sites reviewed and ranked.

Relax Gaming Network is owned by Relax Holding Ltd from Malta. Most of the staff and subsidiaries of the company are located in Finland and Estonia. Relax Gaming was created to develop and maintain online casinos, bingo, and poker software for online gambling operators. Many of the owners of Relax Gaming have extensive histories as operators of online gambling platforms and most of the personnel at the company are also shareholders in the company. The company has worked long and hard to bring new owners into the company from every field related to online gambling so they have individuals from every aspect of the industry.


Fast Poker - this is literally a Poker Pool in which players, directly following completion of a hand, is moved to an entirely new table made up of players from his/hers poker pool. You can fold directly when it is your turn and be moved to a new table. With this version, players can play many more hands of poker in the same amount of time leading to higher cash prizes.

Bingo - This is an ultra-modern online bingo system including chat, numerous rooms, and game types, fixed and progressive jackpots, live-streamed video from the live host, and many casino games integrated within. Through players' purchase of bingo tickets, the house deducts a small percentage and the rest is earmarked for winnings.

Mini Casino - There are many online casino games that players can enjoy like Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Coin Flip Poker, Poker Scratch and Smilev Slot. These games are only a small amount of what's to come and you should expect much more in the near future.

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