How to Play the 5 Numbers System

How to Play the 5 Numbers System

Roulette, as you will now know very well, is a game based on pure luck. The only way to influence your chances is to manipulate the betting system to your advantage, and look for the quickest ways to significantly increase your chips.

This is exactly what the 5 Numbers System bases itself on, and can be learned rather quickly. However, it is by no means a guaranteed method of winning.

Topics Addressed

  • The 5 numbers system
  • Betting chances/odds

Previously Required Knowledge

This guide is suitable for advanced Roulette players, under the assumption that you, as a roulette player, understand its rules, bets, odds, and have attempted some simple strategy techniques since starting.

The 5 Numbers System

This system is based on the odds of being paid 35:1 by winning the straightup inside bets.

Step One

Pick any 5 individual numbers (this can include zero or double zero).

Step Two

Find a bet with a minimum of $5, and buy forty dollars worth of chips in dollar units.

Step Three

Place a $1 chip in each of the 5 numbers you have chosen. Because you have forty of them, you should repeat this wager 8 times (8 times for each of the 5 numbers).

Step Four

If you lose - stop! If you win, you will receive 35 chips.

Step Five

place 7 chips on each of the 5 number fields you have chosen. If the ball falls onto one of them, you will win a payoff of $245! If it doesn't you have only lost $5.

Step Six

If you have won, collect your winnings and leave, as this is the most appropriate time, and this system does not favor your odds of continuing.


Zero and double zero pockets are included in the straight up inside bets.

All five numbers have the exact same chance of winning.


This system works only if you win 2 times in a row

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