Volt is a payment provider that allows online casino players to make fast and secure payments into online casinos directly from their bank accounts. The payment method is mobile friendly, secure, and lightning-fast to use!

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Volt is an integrated and omnichannel payments solution that allows users to make purchases and deposits directly from their bank accounts in dozens of countries around the world. The company’s “Checkout 2.0” product makes payments lightning fast, with secure one-click payments now a reality for users in all major markets.

When it comes to online casino players, using Volt comes with a whole host of benefits. For one, this payment method does not require any special registration or accounts. All you need is a bank account in one of the major banks in your country, with a massive list of banks supported by Volt.

Once you are ready to make your deposit, you will be able to do so quickly and efficiently on any device of your choice, with Checkout 2.0 oriented primarily towards mobile devices and their users. Using Volt is affordable, with only minimal fees paid for transactions and the extra security worth every cent.

At this point in time, Volt is not yet one of the favorite payment methods among the iGaming community, but its convenience and affordability will surely increase its popularity by the day. Players in major iGaming markets such as UK, Scandinavia, Germany, and Brazil all have direct access to Volt using bank accounts they opened with local banks.

How to make a deposit using Volt

If you are looking to use Volt to make your online casino deposit, we have prepared a list of simple to follow steps that you can follow to the letter to get your balance ready for play:

  1. Pick Volt as your payment method: Once you click the deposit button at your online casino, select Volt from the list of available payment processors. Don’t worry about creating an account, as you will not need one to use Volt. Simply pick this payment method, and you will be redirected to the checkout page.
  2. Choose your bank: When you choose Volt, the service operator will prompt you to select your country and the bank in which you have an account. You will need an account with one of the major banks in your country, but with major banks like Santander and Metro Bank supported, most users should have no problem with this.
  3. Finalize your deposit: Volt will ask you to enter your internet banking details in order to finalize your payment. Once your payment is processed, you will be able to save your details for the future, allowing one-click deposits the next time you want to use Volt and making this one of the quickest and most reliable deposit methods for casino players.

How to make a withdrawal using Volt

Volt does not support cashouts from online casinos, but don’t worry! Since you are using your bank account to make a deposit through Volt, your online casino operator will allow you to get your withdrawal into that same account. Simply choose wire transfer from the list of available cashout methods and type in your banking details in order to receive your cash into your bank account.

Safety & Security

Whenever money is on the line, asking questions about security and safety is quite reasonable. Thankfully, Volt is as safe as your bank, with all transactions encrypted by SSL certificates, and the company itself in great standing within the financial industry.

Volt’s products and services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which guarantees user and funds safety at all times. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands and your personal and banking data will never be sold or misused by Volt.

If you are looking to make online casino deposits, using Volt is probably one of the safest payment methods you could choose to ensure your money gets to your balance without any security risks along the way.


How do I deposit using Volt?

Using Volt to make your online casino deposit is fast and simple. You will enter your online banking details and the payment will be processed quickly and securely by the payment processor.

Is it safe to use Volt for iGaming?

Yes! Volt is regulated by the FCA and all transactions on the platform are fully encrypted, ensuring fair dealing and data security every step of the way.

Do I need to open a Volt account?

No! You will not need to register for an account in order to use Volt. As long as you have an account with one of the many supported banks, you will be able to make your deposit directly through Volt.

Can I withdraw funds using Volt?

No! Volt does not support cashouts, but you will not need it for that. You can request a cashout via wire transfer from your iGaming operator and quickly receive your funds back into the same bank account you deposited from.

Does Volt support any cryptocurrency options?

No! At this time Volt does not support any transactions from crypto wallets and only FIAT currency bank accounts can be used.

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